Things I Realized...When I Wore Garter Knee High Socks

Hey guys!

I recently bought a pair of garter knee high socks from Hot Topic. I love the look of garters and I've always wanted a pair. It was a challenge to pair it with something in my closet, but I decided to go with a basic black skater skirt from H&M, a Crown The Empire tee, a plaid shirt, and a nice pair of shoes. I didn't get a picture (Stupid me!), but I did realize a few things about wearing garter knee high socks.

REALIZATION #1: The back elastic looks weird.
Since I'm on the short side, I noticed that the elastic doesn't really stretch all the way when I'm not standing straight. It looks weird from behind, so I had to roll up my biker shorts higher than I'm use to for the elastic to sit flush against the back of my thigh.

REALIZATION #2: The clip digs into your skin.
It's not really noticeable unless you sit in the same spot for a few hours. Which I had to do Wednesday as I have a four hour waiting period between two of my classes. Personally, I didn't feel it unless I was shifting around trying to reach my bag, but other than that I was fine.

REALIZATION #3: The clips may leave weird looking marks.
The back of my thigh had a weird indent on it that reminded me of something from Attack On Titan. It went away for a few hours, but I couldn't help rubbing it for a bit. It felt really weird.

shingeki no kyojin: Scouting legion emblem by allenwalkeriskawaii
What the engraving on the clips looked like to me.
REALIZATION #4: Unless you're wearing shorts or a mini skirt, you can't really see the garter part of them.
My skirt hid the part that I wanted to show the most. I was a little bummed out. I didn't want to flash anyone with a shorter skirt, however I did want to see people's reactions to my socks.

REALIZATION #5: Need to go to the bathroom? These are a lot easier to take off than a bodysuit. 
I don't own a bodysuit. They don't look too bathroom friendly though. I think these are a lot easier to take off. Just pull down your shorts/skirt/whatever, and there ya go! Of course, fixing them back on may take a tad longer than when you first put them on, but let's be honest here. If you got to go, you got to go.

Sure, garter knee high socks aren't for everyone. That's totally fine! I really like how they look and just add a little bit of a risque feeling to your outfit. I definitely recommend trying these out at least once, with a cheap pair to see how you like them.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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