Holiday Special//I'm Not Into Thanksgiving (But I Celebrate It Anyway)

Hey guys!

The only holiday I really celebrate is Halloween. Free candy? Dressing up? Free candy?! Sign me up! Which is why Thanksgiving isn't on my radar. I laugh whenever the Christmas commercials come on right after Halloween. Sure, the holiday break is great and all, but the story behind Thanksgiving makes me cringe.

The best way to sum up why I'm not into Thanksgiving is to point you to The Oatmeal's comic Columbus Day. We all know the story of Columbus and how Thanksgiving was a result of what happened. Or at least that's the basics of what I learned in school. To be honest, all I remember from my elementary school days is how they kept cutting down on recess time.

But I digress. There are many reasons why like The Oatmeal's comics, and how he researches things is one of them. There may be some controversy on the information, but let's be real. Anyone in those times had murky motives and bad teeth. Yes, we can acknowledge that Columbus did create the America of today, but we all know the cost of creating America which isn't something that I like to celebrate.

What do I celebrate during Thanksgiving is food. Yes, I celebrate food. I also celebrate the nice break that I get from college, even if it's only two days. I would say that I like to be thankful for Person A or Item B, but I can do that any day of the year. There's this huge push to tell people that you're thankful for them during this holiday and if it suits you, go ahead and tell people that you're thankful for them. I try to tell people that I'm thankful for them in my head because despite the fact that I can an emotional person, I just can't sum up that emotional side during a face to face conversation. It's too draining for me.

That is why I'm not into Thanksgiving, but I celebrate it anyway. Because food, ya know? Also, sorry for being gone for a whole week! College life is exhausting and real life is a pain. 

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

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