Style It // Harley Quinn: Hot In The City (Comic Book Inspired)

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Last week, I did a post on Paper Girls which is one of the comic book series that I am currently following. Today I'm focusing on Harley Quinn. She's one of my favorite villains. I love her background story and how she's progressed in character development throughout the years. It's the Harley Quinn: Hot In The City Volume One book that I'll be drawing outfit inspiration from. The book has comics 1-6 of the The New 52 series by DC Comics.

I can't find the exact outfit for Harley Quinn because she tends to wear two toned clothing. I'm doing the outfit that she wears in comic one which is basically color blocked red and black clothing. Also featured is Big Tony who becomes one of her close friends in this series. I liked his outfit and feel like it could be something someone would wear on a night out with friends at the club. Poison Ivy comes along in comic book three or four and her outfit in this series is more like a body suit. Since I can't find one exactly or as close as the one she has in the series, I did a more modern look with a little bit of references to her character.

Harley Quinn From Harley Quinn: Hot In The City

Big Tony from Harley Quinn: Hot In The City

Poison Ivy from Harley Quinn: Hot In The City

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