Style It//Paper Girls 1 (Comic Book Inspired)

Hey guys!

I've had a busy week, but not busy enough to stop my suddenly love of comic books. Oh yes, I've dove straight into comic book land and I'm very happy to stay there. I'm not into the classic heroes from Marvel and DC, but I've really been into different genres of comics. One comic book I like Paper Girls which first came out last month. It's a new comic book series from image and is writen by Brian K. Vaughan with Cliff Chiang as the artist. Since I'm new to comic book land, I don't know any of their work. I do love how this series is going though. So I created a look for each character in the story based on their drawings. Of course, I can't find the exact item, so I tried to get as close as I possibly can.

The story centers around these newspaper delivery girls who uncover the greatest story of all time. Here's a link to check it out on the website. It's $2.99 for a digital or paper issue.

Paper Girls: Erin

Paper Girls: KJ

Paper Girls: Mac

Paper Girls: Tiffany

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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