December Challenge 2015//A New Favorite Pen

Hey guys!

Remember how I bought some Uni-Ball Signo 207 pens on Monday? I finally opened up the packaged and tried them out. They're so freaking perfect. I'm not kidding guys. These babies are amazing.

The Uni-Ball 207 pens have a nice thick line which means that they don't hurt your eyes from having to squint from reading your handwriting. They write smoothly and clearly. The pens feel like an expensive quality despite being about $9.79 per pack. The pen grip doesn't dig into your finger like other pens. I love that as the finger that I rest my pen on almost always has some imprint from previous pens that have hard pencil grips.

I think this might even replace my love for PenGems, but I like my PenGems(review here) too much to really replace them. PenGems have replaceable barriels while the Uni-Ball doesn't seem to have any in stores. I'd do a little writing test, but my PenGems needs their barrels replaced.

All in all, these pens are so much better than the G-2 Pilot. Oh yes, I went there. The G-2 Pilot was a nice friend for a while, but after trying out the Uni-Ball 207, I fell in love with the pen. There's no going back now.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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