December Challenge 2015//A Way To Help Improve Your Habits

Hey guys!

I've been watching a lot of Thomas Frank's YouTube videos. He's the creator of College Info Geek which is a great resource for students who need a more in depth approach to studying and various school related help. He mentions this website a few times in various videos and posts, so I decided to try it out for myself.

Habitica is a free habit tracking website. It's based on role playing games and rewards you every time you check something off.

I'm not going to get into the technical side and how to of the site since you can always look here for more information. I use this site to help me make sure I'm exercising and finishing up my To Do's. As you can see below, I have "Edit My NaNoWriMo" in the To Do column. I wanted to make sure that I'm actively working on it.

For me, I can easily check off what I've done and go onto the next thing. It's easy to navigate around the site and I like how you can go on quests. I haven't gone on any yet because you need a group and I'm not a social butterfly. I'm also the type of player who needs to be a few levels up before they can even think of going on adventures. Ask my Pokemon. We didn't get to the first gym until they were level fifteen.

Habitica has been really helpful with helping me keep up with what I need to do. The site does have an app for the iPhone and Android, but I haven't downloaded it since I already have a lot of apps on my iPod. I do recommend this site for people who like play games and want to have a more slightly interactive habit tracking site.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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