December Challenge 2015//College Panel Experience & Presents From the Best Friend

Hey guys!
Today I spoke as a guest speaker for a college panel at my old high school. The first period was kind of rough as I really didn't know what to say. I said anything that came to mind first and since I was almost always last to answer, everyone usually said what I wanted to say. When that happened, I just reiterated what they said and added a bit of my own commentary. I did like speaking to high schoolers about my experiences in college. It was a fun way to spend my birthday.

Yes, I spent my birthday speaking to kids at school. That's one of my ideas of fun. My best friend came back from UC Davis so we hung around the shops near the high school for a bit. She treated me to a milk tea then after we went back to the Michael's near my place. She bought the grey shirt pictured below for me. I bought the rest of the items as a birthday present to myself. I always wanted to make little bottle charms and now I finally can!

Today was such a nice day. I turned nineteen and was able to finally get a few things I wanted from my "Wanted Craft Supplies" list.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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