December Challenge 2015//Comic Book Haul

Hey guys!

I went to the comic book store on either Sunday or Monday. I was looking for the latest issue of Bitch Planet, but unfortunately, my comic book store didn't have it. Instead I grabbed a few different items.

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat: A Calvin And Hobbes Collection
Fuck Fairyland Issue #3
Wytches Issue #2 & #3

I love Fuck Fairyland, but the latest issue makes me want to choke the writer. I can't believe he did that! I had bought the first issue of Wytches in a different visit that I didn't write about in this blog since I was going there practically every weekend last month. I only got two issues even though they had up to issue #6 because I wanted to keep the suspense up for a little bit longer. My younger brother picked out the Calvin and Hobbes Collection since I promised to get him something for coming with me. We already have a Calvin and Hobbes Collection featuring the most popular comics, however there were a lot of comics that I haven't read in this collection. 

Pop! Figures:

Lord Voldemort
Hermione Granger

I decided on these two figures because I ship them. Oh yes, I'm one of those people. There's just something appealing about having Hermione go to the dark side or reading Voldemort play mind games with her. I just love it.

These two items were actually displayed at the front of the store in the 'Free Previews' section. I thought the calendar would be a nice touch to have in my room while the Star Wars preview had a nice cover. I haven't seen Star Wars, so I'm not really invested in the franchise. I do like the look of some of the comics and might make a collage or something similar using the pages in the future.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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