December Challenge 2015//Comic Books Make Me Broke

Hey guys!

I have been to my local comic book store a total of five times in the last few weeks. My first ever comic was an Adventure Time exclusive from Hot Topic a day before the visit. The comic was focused on Marceline the Vampire Queen who is one of my favorite characters. From then on, I was hooked on finding the rest of the comic books. Of course, I wasn't sure if it really was exclusive to Hot Topic, so I asked my youngest brother to accompany me to our local comic book store.

The comic book store is only about a ten minute walk from our place. The store is tiny and is more of an action figure shop than a comic book shop. They did have three stands of comic books with a larger bookcase near the back for the volumes and collections. I knew that comic books can get expensive and thought that I'd only find one comic series that I'd like. I was wrong.

Behold! The first pile of comics that I have ever purchased!

I didn't realize how much I liked reading comics until I was absorbing "it will all hurt" from Study Group Comics. I found out that it's the first printing of the online version and I'm not sure if they'll be publishing the rest of the comic in print. I'm hoping they do as I like to have hard copies of stories. My collection of comics is slowly, but surely growing. Just kidding, my collection is growing like a weed. I'm not just collecting comic books now. I'm collecting whatever catches my eyes. I am now the proud owner of....
  • A glow in the dark Harley Quinn Pop! Figure
  • A Harley Quinn Pop! Pin
  • A vinyl Hello Kitty Halloween Themed figure
  • A Loki figurine keychain
  • A Loki Pop! Pin
  • A Peter Pan figurine keychain
I also went to the comic book store yesterday to get the new issue of Paper Girls. I thought I was only going to buy that, but ended up with several comics and the Pop! pins mentioned above.

Comic books make me broke. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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