December Challenge 2015//First Impression of Alpha Sapphire

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If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge nerd. You've seen my Geeky post series (which I might publish on a weekly schedule) and other various signs that I'm obviously into some hobbies that other people aren't into. It's alright though. I wear my Geek badge proudly. I recently got a 2DS in blue and the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game. Alpha Sapphire is the remake of the Pokemom Sapphire released in 2002. I remember getting Ruby as a child because I loved the look of Groudon. I bought my copy at Kohl's who only had Alpha Sapphire, so I settled on the game. But make no mistake, I will definitely be buying Pokemon Omega Ruby. It's only a matter of time.

The moment I opened the game, I felt tears rushing to my eyes. Actual tears. I wasn't expecting the emotional outburst, but I guess nostalgia could do that to a person. I was in awe of the graphics. It was so different from the original 8-bit that I was surprised by the amount of detail that went into the work.

There was a lot of differences between the games. The way the routes were set up was very different from the original. And if you didn't know, the PokeNav (short for Pokemon Navigation), uses the maps from the original games. It was such a nice touch of love for the games that I almost cried right there.

One major difference I noticed right away was the area where certain Pokemon can be caught. I wasn't able to get Skitty until I had a few more badges, but you can find Skitty even without having a badge. Finding Ralts was difficult as they were hard to find in the original games, but are seen more frequently Route 104.

Another difference are the Pokemon Gyms. With the new graphics and design, the Gyms got a total make over. I'm currently on my way to defeat the second Gym leader, Brawly and his maze in Ruby and Sapphire has become more challenging and detailed. There's light switches and walking around in the dark. I love it.

One aspect of the game I found while writing this post and playing Pokemon, is that there seems to be tiny differences in the storyline and how towns and routes are arranged. I won't say much about what's going on, but I think the way Sapphire hid Kyogre will be vastly different in Alpha Sapphire.

All in all, I really like how my adventure is going in Alpha Sapphire. It's bringing a lot of nostalgia and I love how everything is pretty similar from the original.

But one question still plagues me. Why am I sitting in the back of the van?!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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