December Challenge 2015//Get That English Essay Final Done

Hey guys!

As of this instant, I have done nothing to help me with my finals. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Yes, I am setting a horrible example for others. Yes, I will be causing myself turmoil in the near future. However, I have been productive in finding sites and articles that are going to help me with my English essay. Since it's currently my main concern, I thought I'd show you guys a few more sites that will help your essay become stronger.

Paperrater: A FREE paper rater where they check grammar, plagiarism, and other items of that sort. The maximum number of pages it will check for free is five, but it's only about $8 per month to upgrade it to twenty pages and to get more features.

How Stuff Works: A great site to find articles about various topics. I use the Works Cited pages of each article to find relevant information for my essays.

Scholarpedia: An alternative to Wikipedia, all articles are written by academic scholars whose articles are peer reviewed before being posted.

Purdue Owl: The best place to help you with citation. There's a lot of information about different citation styles and how to cite articles, YouTube videos, etc.

This Tumblr post that goes in depth about writing a university level paper. I'm currently using it to write my final and it's really giving me a lot of help in making my essay.

What do you do that helps you write your English essay?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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