December Challenge 2015//Helpful Studyblrs

Hey guys!

If you don't have a Tumblr, then maybe you don't know that there are many niche blogs that are focused on studying. There's a lot of helpful information in these blogs. The people running the accounts are friendly and always willing to help others who have questions. These tumblr accounts are under the tag Studyblrs and can usually be found if you just type in Studyblrs and the type of help you need, like math or English. Below are a few Studyblrs that I like to use to help me in school.

Study Habit has a lot of small posts that are helpful in creating a more healthy life while having time to study. I like There Are No Failures, Only Lessons post.

A Lovely Cliche is similar in navigation to a blog. Her posts range from fashion, lifestyle, and studying. One of my favorite posts is College 101: How to Overcome Math.

The Blog of an Organized High School Student was the first Studyblr I found. There's a lot of helpful tips in her archive, and she reblogs a lot of funny and inspiring posts.

Nighty Studying is a great place for IB students. I love the study guide masterpost. There's a lot of personal and uplifting posts on this tumblr. I definitely recommend going through the feed because there's a lot of helpful posts that have been reblogged.

If you have a Studyblr that you want me to check out or if you have a favorite Studyblr that I didn't mention, leave a comment down below!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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