December Challenge 2015//Learning the Ocarina

Hey guys!

I first learned about the ocarina from Zelda. My brothers used to play it all the time on their DS Lites. Of course, I didn't really pay attention to the game; only enough attention to figure out who was Link and who was Zelda. I got interested in learning how to play the ocarina once I saw the Pokemon 2000 movie. I wanted to be just as magical as the Melody with her cool shell instrument. Melody's ocarina looks like a variation of the instrument and since it's not very common in the first place, it might be hard to find someone to teach you how to play it.

Then YouTube came along. A deep, dark hole of amazing possibilities. I finally found a teacher: David Erick Ramos. His entire channel is dedicated to playing the ocarina and teaching other's the basic. I praise his kind soul. I am currently learning from his "How to Play Ocarina" playlist.


If you want to learn a new instrument, I definitely recommend the ocarina. It's fun and easy to learn. You'll also have a cool way to make your Link cosplay shine.

That's for today! Thanks for reading!

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