December Challenge 2015//Recap of ZNation's Season 2

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If you haven't been keeping up with my twitter, then maybe my ZNation spams are new to you. Every Friday during the new ZNation episodes, I tweet about my reactions and thoughts about what's happening in the show.

I've been a fan since the first episode with the zombie baby to tonight's episode that hasn't aired yet in the west coast. I've decided not to write what's going to happen in tonight's finale as I think watching it would make more since than the version I'm going to write below.

So here's a summary of what's happened in season two of ZNation:

Bite. Turn. Bite. Sunshine! The group's back together! NO RED!!! Blondie?! IT'S ONLY BEEN TWO EPISODES WHY?! Who the heck are you? Doc gets high again. Z-Weed is made of what? Plant zombies? This is not Plants VS Zombies guys. Baby mama?! PIE GIRL! Flirty, flirty. Goodbye. No! Baby? Queen Z. I love you. Bite. Bite. Chomp. Such a pretty child! Murphy? SUNSHINE! 10k is sad. Boats are not fun. Murphy, DIE! This guy doesn't collect Pokemon cards. Aliens? Oops, not aliens. A zombie free what now? The Grand Crayon is cool. Just kidding, we were never there. There's still corporate retreats? You poor suckers. Mafia? Wait, we're where now!? Nice, to meet an Evil Queen. Is that a cure? Oh shit, nope. Murphy why you do this? BACK STORY? REALLY, REALLY SAD BACK STORY. Not another diner.

Did you really think I was going to write paragraph after paragraph of a show that you can watch On Demand or on Netflix? Go watch it, now. To sum it up, this season was more of an emotional upheaval than the comedy and sass that could be found in the first season. We lost a few people and I'd like to honor them now.

Mack AKA Blondie. Although you and Red had an amazing time together, it was obvious that you two just couldn't move on from what happened season one. At least you died saving the person you love.

Serena AKA Pie Girl. I squealed the first time they said the nickname I gave you. I thought you were crazy, but you were crazy in love with Murphy and protected the people you cared about. Thanks for a good time.

Cassandra AKA Sunshine. This season hasn't been kind to you. From becoming some kind of human/zombie hybrid to becoming Murphy's sidekick?, you ended up looking like a Go-Go dancer with her pimp. (Seriously, where did they get her outfit from?!) You lost yourself and 10k had to do the impossible. You will be missed.

Now, it's time to say goodbye to season two with tonight's finale!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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