December Challenge 2015//Some Cool Websites & Other Such Stuff

Hey guys!

I've been obsessed with my studyblr lately. I went through a lot of different masterpost, looking to reblog some cool stuff. I found a lot of great games and videos that I'd like to share with you guys! There's some educational sites thrown in too for when you want to study, but not really study. If you know what I mean. I might also link some of my favorite 8track playlists for people looking for something new to listen to.

This site helps you with learning how to touch type. Touch typing is typing without looking at your keyboard. I'm guilty of spelling words wrong and using spell check for a document later because my hands have gotten weird pains from typing so much. I also can't reach the back space key with my pinky finger since my hand isn't use to doing that. I'm using this site to improve my typing speed and accuracy.

This site does what it's titled. Just put the URL of the website that you want to print out, and then you can rearrange the text or remove text to print out what you need. It's really helpful for long articles where you just need a passage and tumblr posts where you just want a specific paragraph or picture.

Hemingway App
It's like paperrater, but is more in depth about editing your essay. The use of highlighting the parts to differentiate each error makes it easier to figure out what you did wrong.

Solve math equations. Rule the world.

Sushi Cat
A short game about a blue cat who eats a lot of sushi to get to a pink cat. It's a cute storyline and can be challenging if you don't drop the cat right. That sounded a lot better in my head.

Free Rice
I played this game while in high school to learn more Spanish. They have a variety of subjects to choose from. I forgot all about it until I saw it being posted just about everywhere this year. You donate 10 pieces of rice for every question you get right. Learn while helping someone eat.

How To Raise a Dragon
This game is really short. You play as a dragon and there are multiple endings depending on what you choose throughout the game.

Roller coaster Rush
You're in charge of roller coasters. Enough said.

Haunt The House
As the ghost, you try to scare everyone out of your house.

This list of videos is great for when you want to scare yourself to sleep. Keep the lights on when you watch them though. They get intense.

Studyign has great videos about how to memorize and other school related topics.

You Told Me We Were Fighters by SADarcy
All of SADarcy's playlists are gold.
After School Special by optives
Home Is Where Heaven Is by cloudedhues

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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