Hey guys!

I've been really busy lately trying to clean my room and getting ready for school on Monday. I started my first ever online class in FutureLearn which is a website that offers FREE online classes. I'm currently taking a Start Writing Fiction class. It's really different from traditional classes, but I really like it so far.

I mentioned in my earlier post New Year, New Style (Chit Chat), that I'd try to focus on getting accessories or similar items to add to my closet. I've already technically broken this promise, but the clothing I bought feels like something that I'd wear all the time so they don't really count. I have a small pile of clothes that I don't want or use anymore that I'll be putting up on my Vinted next week for about a month or so before I decide to donate them. Although I would like to get some money from selling my old clothes, I don't want them just laying around for a couple months. I'll just end up making a bigger mess so I'm trying to find a balance in selling and donating.

Monday is when my second semester of college officially start. I don't have any of my textbooks since I'm not sure if I'll really need them for my classes. I'm also thinking of switching my Statistics class with Pre-Calculus, however the classes are full so I'll need to speak to a counselor about other options.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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