Hey guys!

This week was my first week of my second semester of college. I have been busy making sure that I'm on track with my classes and finding the best way for me to study. Here's what happened...

I'm going to (hopefully) change my Intro to Statistics class with Trigonometry class next week. I'm more inclined to wanting to take Trig because I found out that I need to take it before taking Pre-Calculus at my college. Also, one of my friends is in that class and really needs my help. So a win-win situation. If I do change my classes, I'd end up having Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off. I'm hoping to get it changed soon.

I have been slowly whittling down my wardrobe this week. I have a small pile of clothes and a few shoes that I'm going to part with soon. Depending on whether or not I have time, I might sell some of them on Vinted.

My sleep schedule has been all over the place this week. I'm trying to get it back on track, but it's hard to change habits quickly. I've been on my studyblr, trying to figure out if I should just adjust my schedule to what's been going on, but I think sleeping all day and staying up all night wouldn't be productive in a few weeks. Fingers crossed that I don't get burnt out anytime soon.

That's it for this week! Thanks for reading! 

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