Makeup//My Everyday Eyeshadow Look

Hey guys!

I haven't really done a "proper" makeup look on this blog. I've been playing around with lighting and other aspects to see if I can take a nice picture of my eyelids. I'm still working on that. Most of my pictures don't really show the whole process so I decided to try something else out. Instead of using Polyvore for just outfits, I made a short how to on my everyday makeup look. I used the Too Faced Natural Eyes for this tutorial. It's one of my favorite palettes.

This look is very simple and easy. Although I don't have a picture of it on me (since I can't seem to get the eyeshadow to properly show up on in pictures), I showed off the product and a brush or two that are as close to what I use as possible.

My Everyday Eyeshadow Look

Not only can you check out the products on Polyvore, it's nice and compact into one picture. I'm hoping to add a bit more of these kinds of posts this year since they're so easy to make. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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