Hey guys!

I feel like I've been neglecting this little blog of mine lately. I do have several posts all ready to go, but somehow there's always a technical issue. Maybe I'm just having bad luck this month?

It's going well. I've been trying to have a more consistent studying time, but with my habit to nap at any time of the day, I end up failing. I'm very hopeful that I won't be failing any of my classes though.

I have gotten Garry's Mod on Steam! It was on sale for Lunar New Year and I'm so glad. GMod and Counter-Strike: Source were both on sale for $5 each. Now I can play Prop Hunt and all those other mini-games I see YouTubers play.

Speaking of YouTubers, I've gotten into VanossGaming recently. I just love his mind games. It reminds me a bit of Minx from TheRPGMinx. Not only have I started to go back into the gaming side of YouTube, I've recently rediscovered Marianas Trench. I think they're a Canadian based band, but I know they've been in the music scene for a couple of years now. I remember listening to a song of theirs a few years ago, and I totally forgot about them somehow. I really love their music videos though. Here are two of my favorites:

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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