Monthly Favorites//February 2016

Hey guys!

The first monthly favorites of the new year is always hard to pin down for me. I didn't write a monthly favorites post for January as I didn't really have a consistent item or product I was always reaching for. This month I have a few accessories that I love and a makeup palette.


I had gotten a set of Eeveelution earrings in January, but I never got the chance to wear them out last
month. I am obsessed with my Espeon earrings as it's my favorite Eeveelution out of the known seven. I love that Eevee has to evolve using friendship and daylight to become Espeon as it really says a lot about the Pokemon. Not to mention that the 20th Pokemon anniversary was this month! I gotta have something related to Pokemon in this list.

The Sleeping With Sirens bracelet isn't really new, but I've been really into it lately. I love the thick band and how it can add a little character to my outfits. The song lyrics are really subtle too. While the pink bracelet was actually an item I got from Spencer's when I donated $2 to their breast cancer awareness campaign. I thought the hash tag was totally fitting for me, and my friends all had different ones so I needed to get one for myself.


I fell in love with the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette on Facebook. It was on sale, so I thought why not? All the colors are unique and sparkly which is perfect for me as I like to have my eyeshadow pop when I'm going out. The names of each color is also adorable. My favorite colors are Prometheus, Neptune, and Asteroid.

What have you been loving this month?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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