Beauty Review//Valentia Detoxifying Clay Mask & Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub

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Here's another post about Valentia products! I'm starting to get really fond of this brand. Their packaging is sleek and modern and their products smell so nice. When I opened up the bubble wrapped protecting my two new products, I could smell a faint whiff of something.

The brand is cruelty free which I didn't notice the first time. I think my fingers always covered that the logo when I held the products whenever I was using it. What I like about the label, is that the shelf life is right next to the cruelty free logo so you know when exactly you should toss out your current bottle and get a new one.

The clay mask has a very medicinal smell, but also a hint of bubble gum or blueberries. At first, it does look like wet sand packed together, but it's really soft and malleable. It really does feel like soft clay. It has black/blue beads which may be the hibiscus and cranberry fibers.

When I tried out the product, it went on very smoothly. The mask is very thin yet it does cover a lot of skin. I only needed to apply about a penny sized amount to cover my entire face. The mask dried quickly which I liked. However, it does dry stiffly so I don't advise speaking or making facial expression.

In contrast, the scrub has a sharp, tangy scent to it. It took me a while to realize it was peppermint since there was something about the scent that I couldn't place. The scrub feels very jelly like. It's very clear with white and black beads which may be the jojoba beads.

The first time I tried the product, I only needed a small amount for it to really cover my face. It has a thicker consistency than the hydration mask and the clay mask from the same line. The scent didn't bother me, but if you're sensitive to certain smells, the scrub may smell overpowering to some people. My skin did feel smoother after I washed it off, however it did leave a few dry areas. It may be just my skin type, but I wasn't very happy with that small experience of it.

All in all, the Valentia Detoxifying Clay Mask is definitely worth the price. There's a lot of product and it can last for a very long time if you use it about once or twice a week for a year. While the Valentia Detoxifying Youth Exfoliating Scrub wasn't as amazing, I still think it's a good price if you want to try out a new product.

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*These products were sent to me for review. All opinions and comments are my own.

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