Fashion//What's My Style? PART 2: THE BOTTOMS

Hey guys!

The first post of this series was about the different types of tops that are in my wardrobe and what tops I'll be adding. Check it out here.

An overview of my wardrobe:
T Shirts
Tank Tops
Crop Tops
Long Sleeves


Knee High Socks

Since I was younger, it's been hard for me to find bottoms that fit me right. My body is nicely proportioned, but being short makes most jeans look huge on me. I've found the perfect looking jeans, only to be disappointed that they're too long for me to wear.

I found the perfect jeans from the Jessica Simpson collection from Macy's while I was going through the sales rack. They're around $50 - $60, but I try to find them on sale when they're about $10. I've also found a few skinny jeans from thrift stores that fit perfectly. I have about eight pairs of jeans that are different styles and denims to suit my every need.

I have about six or seven shorts that are in my closet. I might donate one pair as it's gotten a little too tight for me. I usually have these tucked away during winter unless I feel like wearing tights or leggings underneath them. For skirts, I tend to wear them year long with knee high socks, tights, or leggings. All I have are skater skirts, so I might buy one or two that aren't for some variety.

I won't be adding that many bottoms to my wardrobe since I have enough already. I might add a skirt or two, but I'm content with what I already have in my wardrobe.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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