Hey guys!

I've been extremely busy last week and this week with studying for midterms. I have so much to do in so little time. Here's a quick update.


Midterms are finally over for me, and I'm now on Spring break! However, I do have two presentations due on the same day on the week I go back to school. I'll be spending my time working on them and catching up on any homework that's due.

I'm actually pretty excited about both of my presentations. The first one is an informative speech about Harry Potter and the second one is a presentation on the new ban on micro beads.


Since I'm now on Spring Break, I'm focusing on getting my room in order. It's a constant battle of having to figure out where items should be placed and having enough room to put them. I think I might have to trash some products or give some away to be able to have more room to spread out.

Besides that, I'll be fixing up a few things on the blog (like font sizes, missing links, etc.) throughout the week to make sure my blog is up to snuff. I'm also doing a little bit more promos in all my social medias so I can expand my readership a little bit. Although I do blog for the fun of it, I want to be able to talk to more readers and learn about different people. With that said, don't forget to follow me on any of my social media accounts that you can find at the top right of the blog!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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