#atozchallenge 2016//A is for Azure Mist/Web

Hey guys!*

Today is the start of the A to Z Challenge! My theme for this year is colors, which is a very broad theme. I ended up picking Azure Mist/Web as it was the closest color I can match with my makeup. I won't be doing a full face of makeup since my makeup stash isn't that large, but instead I'll be focusing on my eyes or lips. If I can match a color to something in my wardrobe, I'll be adding it there instead.

For today's letter, I found the perfect combination in my BHcosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette.


1. Prime your eyes. I don't usually do this since I prefer having the oils my eyelids naturally produce to lessen the impact of the eyeshadow. If you prefer for your color to pop, I definitely suggest putting on some primer.

2. Using the pad of your pinky finger, pat Electra onto your eyelid. Patting on eyeshadow makes it easier for your eyeshadow to stay on longer since it's being concentrated on one area.

3. Using a brush, carefully brush on Electra on top of your first layer. Brushing on eyeshadow will make sure that you fill in the spaces that you might've missed when you had first patted it on. Not only will this second layer fill in what's missing, you'll add a little bit more color to your lids.

4. Create a triangle shape on the outer corners of your eyes with Comet. You should follow your natural eyelid shape and then follow the brow bone to make this triangle. I find that doing this technique can really add a different dimension to your eyeshadow. For this step, I suggest using an angle brush or a crease brush for the perfect line.

5. Fill in the triangle with Comet.

6. Blend it all together. Although the two colors may seem similar, once you blend them together you notice that Comet will have a slightly more cerulean tint to it than Electra.

7. Take a cotton swab and using the outer corner of your eye as a guideline, carefully follow it up in a straight line. This should create a more defined line in case you wanted a more cat eye look. If you want to make it more of a cat eye, you can also follow the top of your pupil to the end of your brow bone.

After you've blended the two eyeshadows together, you can always go back to add a bit more color to each shade. I love the way this look gives my eyes a space like vibe. I tried to keep the colors as light as I possibly can since azure mist/web is a very light blue. Although I'm not as satisfied with what I ended up with, I really love how it looks. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

*All the pictures I have taken are not edited in any way except to zoom in on what I was doing.

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  1. beautiful color, Ellie! Love your technique!
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