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I've started to buy items from Etsy shops once again. I currently have about two items on their way and three more that are going to be shipped within the next week or so. I've become obsessed with shops including mermaidblobs.

The shop mainly sells zines and prints. I bought the last Halloween bundle which was three zines for three dollars and free shipping. The owner shipped my items on April 4th, and I got the package on the 7th. I was surprised as the owner had chosen to buy the tracking number option as it cost $2.54. I definitely appreciate it as it seems that she only got paid $0.06!

Chanel, the owner of mermaidblobs, not only make sure that I got exactly what I wanted, but added some extras! The package was a pretty red envelope with 'Please do not bend' written on both sides of it. She used a really cute pineapple duct tape to close the envelope, which also made it so much easier to take off. It looked a little bigger than what was described, however when I opened it, Chanel had put a cardboard piece of paper to make sure my zines didn't come wrinkled or bent.

There was a cute little note written on an acorn shaped post it note attached to the plastic holding all of my items. Inside the plastic were the three zines I ordered, a art print, and a witch sticker.

The three zines are different in sizes, but the quality of the paper makes them very professional. The smallest zine, which is the only one that's colored, had amazing details and inspired a lot of ideas when I flipped through it. The "Magical Ghoul-Friends" zine had a lot of variety in terms of drawings and each character had their own personality despite having only one page to stand out. The largest zine was inked really nicely which caused the details to stand out even though it's in black in white. There are still some pencil and outline marks, but I find that makes the zines more real and personal.

The extras included a "The Bride" print on a regular photo paper. I love how it's a simple side view of her, but she has such a sassy and no-nonsense attitude radiating from her. The last extra was a cute little witch sticker which I'm definitely going to be using in a resin project or a poster in the future.

All in all, I definitely recommend checking out Chanel's Etsy. Although I bought the last Halloween bundle, she recently posted a Mythical Babes Zine bundle which I am snatching up soon. There's also a food zine and a larger single zine up for sale.

*All opinions and views are my own. All products were bought with my own money, and I am not getting compensation for this review.  

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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