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I've been eyeing this necklace from GlitzCouture for quite a while now. It's a one of a kind necklace which means there's only one of it in stock. I'm surprised no one else bought it before I could. I was first attracted by the picture of Espeon who is my favorite Eeveelution.


Hey guys!

Since I'm now out of school, I have dedicated my time to tidying up my room. If you read yesterday's post, then you know that I got my hands on "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Maria Kondo. It really sparked something in me to just start tidying up. Now my room is a bit of a mess, but I don't have as much items that are laying around not being used. Although the book did say that I should tidy up all in one go, I have too many products to get to in only one day. I predict that I'll be done with cleaning a two or three days, depending on how many hours I can get in the day to tidy up.

I've also got a new camera. I've had it for a few weeks, and I mentioned it in another post that I might start making YouTube videos. I already have one video up on my channel, and I might post another one in the end of the month featuring my May favorites. This month I have a lot of items to feature in a favorites post, so I don't want to have a photo heavy post which usually causes me to skip some sections. Videos seem more appropriate as you can see the product more clearly and are able to skip around to the bits you want to hear more about.

What have you been up to this week?

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Hey guys!

I've been seeing "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo on a lot of bloggers' must read list. The first time I saw the book in Target, I thought it was cute, but why would so many people recommend it? I bought the book on a whim when I saw the 30% sticker. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I finished the book in about three days, and in those three days, I've been applying what I've learned along the way to my life. It's amazing how such a small book can impact one's thinking. The advice in the book makes more sense than other organizational books and blog posts I've read. Of course,  I did have a few posts that help with organization, but they were strictly concentrated on how to make sure you see what you have so you can use it. This book emphasizes on keeping things that bring you joy.

The difference doesn't seem very large. Of course, you'd want to see what you love in an obvious place. However, Kondo states that you should "take each item in one's hand and ask: 'Does this spark joy?' If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it" (41). That one piece of advice just resonated with me. It was like something clicked inside my head.

I've already started my KonMari journey this week. All my clothes fit in about five to six drawers and less than a foot of closet space, and I only have three shelves full of books. I skipped a few items that still need to be sorted because the amount of clothes I had was overwhelming, but I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my mind. I definitely urge you guys to give this book a try if you really feel like tidying up. It's not only helped me let go of items that don't give me joy, but has opened up space for me to let in new experiences.

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Hey guys!*

I got the Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum to help my skin get more hydrated. As I've mentioned in another post, my skin usually has low hydration levels compared to other people. I use this as the second step in my skincare regimen.

As always, this product was wrapped nice and secure. It does have a faint scent of roses, but it's not noticeable after you use it. The serum is white and has a very gel like consistency. It goes on smoothly and dries fast. I use two to three pumps of it to cover my face completely.

There isn't much more to describe this product. It works well, and I can definitely see myself buying more of it in the future. I'll adding pictures of the product later because my computer isn't cooperating with me right now. For now, check out this instagram post that features this product.

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*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All comments and opinions are my own.


Hey guys!

This week was pretty stressful. Here's a run down.


I finished my finals this week. I don't think I did well for two of them, but I'm not too worried. At this point, I've accepted whatever grade I've gotten. I'm not taking any summer classes this year, but I'll be taking a Chemistry placement test in June and studying Chemistry and Trigonometry as prep for next semester.

I'll also be using my studyblr more this summer as a way to keep up my motivation for studying. I already have a Trigonometry workbook that I'll be using in addition to Khanacademy. Even though I hated using Khanacademy for Pre-Calculus, it's easier for me to judge my progress.


I finally have time to clean my room. I realize that I have a lot of random items that I don't really use or don't have room for when I cleaned my room today. I also found myself looking through my clothes as I cleaned my room. I have a lot of room for clothing when I only wear band shirts so I'm trying to make my other types of clothing more accessable.

I'm hoping to find a medium sized bag that I can use as an everyday bag and a carry on bag to be able to hold all the products I need to carry around. I've changed my bullet journal set up so now I have a new portable notebook and a large pencil case. Since I usually use smaller bags, I thought upgrading to a slightly larger bag would be easier for me than getting a really huge one. I'm not sure what kind of bag I want yet, but I know that I want a bag that I can put buttons on. Buttons are my life.

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Hey guys!

This week as been pretty stressful. I'm hoping that it's not going to be as hectic next week.


Finals are next week. I have only one class where I have to show up and take a test, and an essay to turn in online. I've already finished one Final this week which was my Speech class. I did pretty well in that class considering how many times I got sick this semester. I've been procrastinating hard on studying for my Statistic Final, but later tonight I'll be trying to finish at least chapter one to get that 5% guarantee. My Statistic teacher is one of the best I've had as she told us that if we finished one chapter prep, we get a 5% guarantee in our finals. There's eleven chapters so 5 times 11 means that at least half of our Final will be right. I'll be working most of tomorrow to at least get five chapters done.

I also have Chemistry placement test on Wednesday, but the classes are being filled up pretty fast. If there's no more room, I'm thinking of waiting until next spring semester to take it. That would give me some time to learn more about Chemistry and study from the Chemistry notes my high school Chemistry teacher will be giving me Monday.


I've given up on keeping up with a large bullet journal. Instead, I've gotten a smaller graph notebook for bullet journaling. It's easier to keep in my bag and saves space. I've also started cleaning up my room a bit with a new laundry hamper, but the space around it is still a bit messy. After studying tomorrow, I'm hoping to move a few items to be able to get the look I want.

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#atozchallenge 2016//Reflection

Hey guys!

It's two weeks into May, and I already miss posting everyday in April. Although I liked making new content everyday of that month, I found that the theme really helped me in creating content. Colors seem like a very simple theme, but I found that it made me look out of my comfort zone in terms of beauty and fashion.

I liked adding subtle colors to my makeup. I liked adding different accessories to my outfit. I liked adding new colors to my wardrobe. I won't be suddenly wearing rainbows everywhere, but I will be adding a bit more pastel and lighter colors to my dark wardrobe. I found that I really liked the darker colors I found like Wine, Stormcloud, and Halaya Ube. There are some lighter colors, like Classic Rose, Old Lace, and Light Cyan, that I might incorporate more into my color scheme. I'm still not 100% comfortable in bright colors, but I'm slowly getting used to having subtle colors in my wardrobe.

Posting new content everyday was exhausting for me personally. I liked posting some days, but other days I almost forgot to post. I think posting every day isn't for me, but I do like having a consistent schedule update. School messes with my blog schedule, but I think I can manage posting a bit more once school is over. I'll having more time in creating blog posts too, so I'll be able to have a few backup posts in case plans go astray.

I also found that I like to post more beauty related content than fashion related. Sure, I like to talk about accessories and such, but outfit posts are a pain. I just can't seem to get the colors right. I'll be incorporating more geeky posts as I really enjoy talking about TV shows, manga, and other similar topics.

All in all, this year's A to Z Challenge was very successful for me. I learned about what kind of content I like to post while also improving my photography and photo editing skills.

Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge? What did you learn from it? Leave a comment down below!

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Hey guys!

Instead of writing about what I bought, I made a YouTube video! I recently got a new camera, so I wanted to make something creative with it. Since practically everyone has YouTube channel, it only seemed logical to make a video. 

I also wanted to learn how much effort it takes to make a video. It took me well over two hours to figure out how I wanted to film and edit my clips. I used Windows Movie Maker because I'm not aiming to make a living off of YouTube or have a large following. I just want to make a few videos based on my interests since some topics are better covered in a video format. Check out my little novice video!

What do you think? I had some trouble with making the audio, but I think I did pretty well for myself as a novice.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

This last month went by pretty fast. I finished the A to Z Challenge, and I learned a lot about what kind of content I like to post. Here's what I learned....


My finals are in two weeks or so which means that I'll be extremely busy soon. I also picked out a few of my classes for my fall semester. I decided to have an extra class in addition to the classes that I need to take for my major. I wanted to have a class where I can have a bit of fun by being a little creative. I thought Introduction to Acting would be a great way to express my creative side. 


Once school is over, I will be moving a bit of furniture around in my room to make a bit more space. I've been trying to figure out where to put all of my zines, comics, and figures, but school has been taking up a lot of my time. Since I'll be moving furniture a bit, I'll have more space to put my comics somewhere without them bending and such. I'm a tad worried that my comics are going to get bent or ripped so once I find the perfect place to put them, I'll breathe a little easier.

In less than two months, I'll be in Chicago again. I wasn't planning to go this summer, but concerts called my name. This year, I'll be trying to bring less items to fit more products into my check in bag. I'm hoping to get my hands on a Lush product or two since I don't like paying shipping and there isn't a very close Lush store near me. There's a lot of stores that I want to buy from like Topshop and Zara, but I'll be saving up my money for the sponsors at Warped Tour.


I'll be steering my blog towards more geeky pursuits like comic books and such. I realized that although I know what's trendy and in, it's not my style. There are countless of other bloggers and YouTubers that cater to trends, and I'm not one of them. I'll be adding a bit more outfit posts since I recently got a new camera. I'm still playing around with it, but I do like what I'm doing so far with it.

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Geeky Things//The Beginning of the End (#RaiseYourWands for the #BattleofHogwarts18)

Hey guys!

Today is one of the most monumental days in the Harry Potter world. Eighteen years ago, the Battle of Hogwarts was fought and won by the Light. It may have been one of the most important turning points in Wizarding History, but war does have a cost.

In this mini-series, I will be looking at the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry Potter in general through new eyes. I'll be focusing on certain aspects of what had happened in the Battle, and putting it through my perspective as a Ravenclaw resorted as a Slytherin. There are some things that can only be seen when you truly take a step back. However, for today we will remembering those who have fallen in the aftermath of war.


LAVENDER BROWN (movie verse)




PIUS THICKNESSE (movie verse)

There will be a seven minute silence observed at 7pm at all time zones. This silence isn't only for those lost in the Battle of Hogwarts, but for those who never got to see the end, for those who were lost too soon, and for those whose lives have been greatly affect by Harry Potter. These seven minutes of silence can be observed for any reason.

Harry Potter isn't just a series. It defines an entire generation. It shaped an entire legion of readers.

Harry Potter is a way of life.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!