Hey guys!

This week as been pretty stressful. I'm hoping that it's not going to be as hectic next week.


Finals are next week. I have only one class where I have to show up and take a test, and an essay to turn in online. I've already finished one Final this week which was my Speech class. I did pretty well in that class considering how many times I got sick this semester. I've been procrastinating hard on studying for my Statistic Final, but later tonight I'll be trying to finish at least chapter one to get that 5% guarantee. My Statistic teacher is one of the best I've had as she told us that if we finished one chapter prep, we get a 5% guarantee in our finals. There's eleven chapters so 5 times 11 means that at least half of our Final will be right. I'll be working most of tomorrow to at least get five chapters done.

I also have Chemistry placement test on Wednesday, but the classes are being filled up pretty fast. If there's no more room, I'm thinking of waiting until next spring semester to take it. That would give me some time to learn more about Chemistry and study from the Chemistry notes my high school Chemistry teacher will be giving me Monday.


I've given up on keeping up with a large bullet journal. Instead, I've gotten a smaller graph notebook for bullet journaling. It's easier to keep in my bag and saves space. I've also started cleaning up my room a bit with a new laundry hamper, but the space around it is still a bit messy. After studying tomorrow, I'm hoping to move a few items to be able to get the look I want.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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