Hey guys!

This week was pretty stressful. Here's a run down.


I finished my finals this week. I don't think I did well for two of them, but I'm not too worried. At this point, I've accepted whatever grade I've gotten. I'm not taking any summer classes this year, but I'll be taking a Chemistry placement test in June and studying Chemistry and Trigonometry as prep for next semester.

I'll also be using my studyblr more this summer as a way to keep up my motivation for studying. I already have a Trigonometry workbook that I'll be using in addition to Khanacademy. Even though I hated using Khanacademy for Pre-Calculus, it's easier for me to judge my progress.


I finally have time to clean my room. I realize that I have a lot of random items that I don't really use or don't have room for when I cleaned my room today. I also found myself looking through my clothes as I cleaned my room. I have a lot of room for clothing when I only wear band shirts so I'm trying to make my other types of clothing more accessable.

I'm hoping to find a medium sized bag that I can use as an everyday bag and a carry on bag to be able to hold all the products I need to carry around. I've changed my bullet journal set up so now I have a new portable notebook and a large pencil case. Since I usually use smaller bags, I thought upgrading to a slightly larger bag would be easier for me than getting a really huge one. I'm not sure what kind of bag I want yet, but I know that I want a bag that I can put buttons on. Buttons are my life.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading. 

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