Hey everyone!

See something different about the blog recently? I just gave my blog a makeover these last few days. I'm still deciding on a few more categories. If there are a few broken links, please bear with me as I fix them. It's been a long week.

In my last LIFE HAPPENS post, I told you that I'll be visiting the Philippines for a bit. "A bit" ended up being three shorts days. It wasn't much, but it was fun to see my Philippines family members and being with people I haven't talked to in seven years. Yes, seven years. I'll (hopefully!) be going back to the Philippines in December. This Saturday, I'm also flying to Chicago. This time I'll be staying until August 13, so blog posts and video uploads might not be consistence.

But that's not all I wanted to update you on. Besides the new theme and where I'll be in the next few days, I've decided to focus my blog more on my interests. If you can see the little top bar of my blog, you'll see I've added a "Geeky" category filled with different subsections. I love being a geeky. Or maybe I'm more of a nerd? There's a difference between the two, but we'll leave that for another day.

I won't stop talking about fashion or beauty. Instead, I'll be focusing more on the geeky side of it. Bringing you more nerdy makeup, geeky jewelry, and band inspired fashion. I can't tell you how much I've wanted to talk about bands on my blog and channel.

There'll be a few posts about writing coming up. I'm participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, and I wanted to share my last NaNoWriMo experience and failures. I'll have a few videos about writing on my channel this month.

There's only one category that I am very hesitant to put up there. I don't know whether it's going to be on the blog or exclusively on my YouTube channel. It's a very special hobby/interest/life-consuming love, but once I get up the courage, maybe I'll be talking about it more.

I don't know if I'll be ready to share with you the one interest that has been my life for years, but I do know that if when I do, I just might explode.

What do you think about the new blog changes? 

Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

This week was hectic. After numerous talks between family members, I've somehow ended up with a ticket to the Philippines. In the three to four days until today, I've been frantically packing and buying presents. Since I'm the only one who has a valid passport, it'll be the first time I'm going on an international trip alone. I'm very nervous about it. There was also a lot of stress during the time my family was trying to decide who was going as they wanted me to go immediately, however they weren't able to buy a ticket on time. Now I'll be leaving tomorrow. What a turn in events.

In other news, I posted a new video on my channel. Check it out here. I might vlog while in the Philippines, and I will definitely be bringing back lots of presents for my friends and family. I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog while I'm there, but I'll try my best. The next time you'll hear from me will either be in the Philippines or when I've come home. Follow my twitter and instagram for live updates!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys!

If you've been following my social media accounts, then you'd know about my new MAC lipstick. The Future Forward MAC Halsey Lipstick is my one and only MAC purchase. Yes, I know. You haven't bought any MAC products until now? Have you been living under a rock or something? No, I don't live under a rock. I'm not Patrick.

I'm just not into MAC. The prices are too expensive for me as a full time student. The products can be easily duped with other brands. When Halsey announced that she collaborated with the makeup brand to create her own lipstick, I knew I had to have it. Sure, the lipstick can be duped easily. I think NYX sells a shade very similar to her lipstick already. But Halsey. So I bought it.

The packaging for the lipstick reminds me of a pool with it's white and light blue color scheme. The lipstick bullet itself doesn't have any designs or special features on it. On the website, it describes the color as blue-grey, but the swatch on the site is a dark grey. For some people, the blue really stands out. However, the grey is a lot more prominent when I wear it. In the close, the light was bright enough for me to be able to see the blue undertones in the lipstick while in real life, the color is more a muted slate.

I wore this for a few hours to get used to the formula. It felt creamy on my lips, and I started to rub my lips together for some reason. I noticed that some patches were showing up which were caused by me rubbing my lips together. Definitely don't recommend doing that.

I might buy something from the Selena and Star Trek collection when they come out, but I doubt I'll be buying anything else. For one, I don't really wear lipstick on a daily basis. I'm also semi-allergic to the formula. I noticed it when I was done taking off the Halsey lipstick. I haven't had an allergic reaction in years, but suddenly my lips were dry and itchy. I think it's this specific lipstick as I did try Royal in a Macy's store once, and it didn't cause any negative reaction. Hopefully the next few collections won't cause any allergic reactions.

Do you own any MAC products? What are your favorite items from MAC? 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

There was a lot going on this week. From two of my brother's graduations and other events, I thought it would be a fun and exciting week.

Then the world lost an amazing person and singer. The moment I found out that Christina Grimmie was in critical condition, I felt my heart breaking. She was one of my first few subscriptions on YouTube. "Just A Dream" was my first song from her. I watched her grow from a small time YouTube singer to a star. I'm still in shock that she's gone. If you want to watch a vlog from one of my younger brother's promotions, click this. But today, I'll share with you the first video I've ever seen of Christina Grimmie. And the last.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading. 


Hey guys!

This post seems to be a tad bit late. However, there's a lot of different products that I've been in love with in the month of May, which made this post slightly larger than I thought it would be. I decided to put them into categories since there's so many.


I'm in love with the Palladio Rice Powder foundation. I picked it up on a whim during finals week as a treat to myself for surviving. I don't usually wear foundation, but I wanted one for when I want to contour. I was able to find the right color that matches my skin tone where it looks like I'm not wearing foundation.

I wrote a review of the Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum a while ago. This serum has quickly become a favorite of mine. Not only does it hydrates the skin, it also dries fast so I don't have to wait for it to sink into my skin.

Another skincare favorite is the Apothecary Tea Tree Oil. I wrote a review on this product a long time ago, but it's only now that I've started to use it daily instead of rarely using it. Before you try this out, make sure you're not allergic to it by mixing one drop of tea tree oil with four drops of a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. Then apply it to an area of your skin to see if it'll cause a reaction. I use this oil as spot treatment for my acne.


I raved about 'the life-changing magic of tidying up' by Marie Kondo last week. I've spent my time tidying up my room, but for some reason, I'm losing my motivation to keep going. I believe it's because of how much papers I own and how many items I have to go through. There's so much stuff, that I'm losing sight of why I'm tidying up in the first place. To remind myself why I started cleaning, I read through parts of the book again and visualize the reason why I started tidying. It definitely helps me whenever I start losing ground in my tidying.


I have been in love with 'Bitch Planet' for what feels like years (despite the fact that it was published in 2014). The characters are engaging, and I love how there's different ethnicity and sizes. The plot line seems simple enough, but it makes you think. There's essays pertaining to race, women, etc. in the backs of certain issues and other great columns that can be found in the back of each issue. Some of the extras don't get printed in some reprints, but I definitely recommend reading the series even if you can't find the issues that have them. You can always just borrow an issue off of someone else who does have them.

The next comic book series is Fanboys VS Zombies. I'm currently on issue #5 since I took a break in reading to tidy up. This series is hilarious and has a lot different references. The zombie apocalypse takes place because of an infected hot dog during Comic Con where our main characters are trying to get out and survive. I love the vibrancy of the comic and the characters themselves are relatable.


Warden of the Woods is delightful tree/humanoid person? Honestly, he looks like someone who got stuck in a log. He's adorable in his naivety, and I love all the zines I have about him. The shop owner was also nice enough to send me the art prints and a drawing on a sticker sheet since I bought so many zines from that series.

Another zine is the Salty zine from mermaidblobs. I reviewed a Halloween bundle from this shop earlier in April, and I had decided to buy from her again. I really love the simplicity of the black and white coloring in this particular zine. Her art really inspires me to write something fictional so check out her shop.

There's all my favorites for the month of May! What did you love in May?

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys!

I haven't done one of these posts for a while. I had to take a break in this series as I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. I'll continue this series, but they'll be posted about every other week instead of every week like I used to. This week's post is about bullet journaling!

If you haven't been keeping up with my studyblr, then you wouldn't know about my new bullet journal. Bullet journals are used to make quick to do lists where you can use symbols to signify if you've finished a task, if something is important, etc. It's really easy once you get the hang of it and find what works for you.

Since I'm a procrastinator, my studyblr was born out of my laziness and my attraction to pretty studyblr inspo photos. I used to use agendas to keep up with what I need to do, but I always end up abandoning them after the school year ends. During summer, I'm more likely to want to do something productive, but can't get myself to do anything because I forget about what I wanted to do. All those pretty bullet journal pages spurred the urge to make one myself.

Get a notebook that's small enough for you to carry, but big enough for what you're going to use it for. 

At first I wanted something large which didn't work at all. It was too large to carry around in my backpack without feeling like another textbook. I didn't like having so much blank space either. Then I saw this notebook from Denik, and I felt like the stars aligned.

Look at other bullet journals for inspiration (AKA steal their layout). 

I like to look through different studyblrs to see how they set up their journals. Most are very colorful with quotes, drawings, and poems. You don't have to have that if you don't want to. My first month in my new bullet journal is based on a couple of bullet journals I saw on my dash. It was easy and simple, which meant that I didn't have to make up some elaborate layout for my bullet journal.

Use pens that you have on hand.

Remember that your journal doesn't have to be pretty. Bullet journaling is all about helping you stay on top of your priorities. You don't need those pretty pens you see on some photos. Use whatever writing utensil you have on hand. Pens? Sure. Colored pencils? Go for it! The blood of your enemies? That's cool too! (Actually, don't use the blood of your enemies. Blood smears easily.) Whatever you have on hand is good if you're starting out and aren't sure if you're going to continue using a bullet journal.

Just do it.

Just watch the video and take it all in. As a procrastinator, I like to take a long time to visual how I want to organize my bullet journal instead of just starting it. It's great to have a layout in mind, but you can always change up each week's layout to see what you like. The most important step is to just start.

Here's the Official Bullet Journal Site if you want to learn more about bullet journals. For more inspiration, check out the bullet journal tag on tumblr and my post here.

Do you have a bullet journal? What do you think about bullet journals? Leave a comment down below! 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

I'm at the end of my KonMari tidying up. There's only one or two categories that I need to go through before I am officially done with cleaning. As I cleaned this week, I realized that one of my biggest categories that I need to clean was papers. Since I'm a student, I know I can't escape from the endless cycle of papers that pass through my life. However, I know I have to make a new system to lessen my paper impact. I'll still be keeping notebooks and folders, but when I rewrite my notes, I'll be attempting to digitize them so I'll be able to carry them everywhere. It's going to be an uphill battle, but one that I might enjoy.

In other news, I'll be leaving for Chicago in June! I love going to Chicago because I love going to the big city and going into the shiny, towering stores. There are so many different sights to take in Chicago that one trip won't be enough. This is my third trip to Chicago after all. This time I'm hoping to see some bookstores and museums.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!