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If you've been following my social media accounts, then you'd know about my new MAC lipstick. The Future Forward MAC Halsey Lipstick is my one and only MAC purchase. Yes, I know. You haven't bought any MAC products until now? Have you been living under a rock or something? No, I don't live under a rock. I'm not Patrick.

I'm just not into MAC. The prices are too expensive for me as a full time student. The products can be easily duped with other brands. When Halsey announced that she collaborated with the makeup brand to create her own lipstick, I knew I had to have it. Sure, the lipstick can be duped easily. I think NYX sells a shade very similar to her lipstick already. But Halsey. So I bought it.

The packaging for the lipstick reminds me of a pool with it's white and light blue color scheme. The lipstick bullet itself doesn't have any designs or special features on it. On the website, it describes the color as blue-grey, but the swatch on the site is a dark grey. For some people, the blue really stands out. However, the grey is a lot more prominent when I wear it. In the close, the light was bright enough for me to be able to see the blue undertones in the lipstick while in real life, the color is more a muted slate.

I wore this for a few hours to get used to the formula. It felt creamy on my lips, and I started to rub my lips together for some reason. I noticed that some patches were showing up which were caused by me rubbing my lips together. Definitely don't recommend doing that.

I might buy something from the Selena and Star Trek collection when they come out, but I doubt I'll be buying anything else. For one, I don't really wear lipstick on a daily basis. I'm also semi-allergic to the formula. I noticed it when I was done taking off the Halsey lipstick. I haven't had an allergic reaction in years, but suddenly my lips were dry and itchy. I think it's this specific lipstick as I did try Royal in a Macy's store once, and it didn't cause any negative reaction. Hopefully the next few collections won't cause any allergic reactions.

Do you own any MAC products? What are your favorite items from MAC? 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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