Hey everyone!

I haven't written a favorites posts in months. Since I don't really try new things a lot, I usually don't have anything new to share every month. However, this September I've been able to try out a plethora of new apps, makeup products, and jewelry.

The first item that I've been in love with this month, is my new phone! My Nokia's home button broke so I was able to upgrade to an iPhone 5s. I prefer the 5s for it's slim design. It fits perfectly in my small hands.

I have been able to use a lot more apps that I've been eyeing in the app store since getting my new phone. I use My Study Life as a way to track my classes and assignment in conjunction with my bullet journal. 8tracks is one app that I've been dying to have on me. I love using the website to listen to instrumental playlists while doing homework. I'm relearning Spanish on Duolingo, but I've also added Irish as a potential third (or technically forth?) language. Lifeline, Human Resource Machine, and Limbo have been my go to games this month. The Tapas app has been a life saver in helping me catch up with my favorite comics from the website.

When I bought this pretty gold highlighter from Leather and Lace Studio, I was hooked. It gives my skin a very subtle highlight. Although I'm not too happy with how the product is pressed, I'm definitely going to be trying out more products from the etsy store.

I got the Kat Von D Setting Powder to review a while ago, but never got around to really showing it off. Not only does it have a pretty container, the product works well in making sure my makeup stays on all day. I love using this blue mirror I bought from Daiso a long time ago to help me put on my makeup. It stands up on it's own and has a cute quote on it.

The last favorite of the month is a birthstone necklace from Bliss. It's been one of my favorite purchases from when I went to San Francisco earlier this month. Bliss is one of my favorite shops from Fisherman's Wharf. The simplicity of the necklace really gives my outfits a more delicate look.

This month felt longer than normal. The start of the new school year threw me off a bit, but with October coming up, I'll be on a more normal schedule.

What have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading! 

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