Hey everyone!

It's sad to think that Halloween season is over. Of course, you can celebrate Halloween all year long by being spooky and keeping up with creepy things. I'd definitely have a darker wardrobe if I didn't like having a variety of clothing.

I hope your Halloween was successful (or is successful if you're currently trick or treating!). Although I'm not trick or treating because of the rain and homework, I'll be spending my time watching scary movies while I work. What a different Halloween right?

On another note, I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo again! I won last year, and I'm hoping to do so again this year. Even though I have a few essays coming up in November, I want more create more time for writing. Check out my profile and become my buddy if you want to participate together.

How was your Halloween this year? Will you be joining NaNoWriMo?

Thanks for reading!

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