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Since the end of NaNoWriMo, I've been slightly putting off writing. I feel guilty about it, but finals are next week. I need to focus on them for the moment. However, finding time to write is not only challenging for practically anyone who wants to write. I can't remember if I already wrote about how I find time to write, but I think I've got a few good ideas in this post.

Find the time when you're most productive & use it to your advantage // It's important to find out when you're most likely to get things done. I find that early in the afternoon to early evening my productivity levels are highest. I get a lot more done in the early morning too, but I'm too cold to really concentrate on anything. I use this time to jot down a few ideas and sentences before going back to sleep.

Write between classes // Next semester I have about four online classes and one class at the main campus of my school. The time it takes to get to each class and wait for the teacher is perfect time to write a few sentences that can spark a new passage later that same day.

Write between each assignment // Writing a bit before starting a new assignment is a nice way to generate some content. Even if you can only write a sentence or two, that's one more sentence for your novel. Although I do advise using a timer in case you get carried away and forget to do an important piece of work.

During your morning commute // If you have to take the bus or a train to work or school, the time you're on is a great way to get a few things done. Writing on your phone or on a laptop is a great way to spend time. You can get a page or so done each day until you get to the end of your story. You can even edit each page on the bus if you want.

Cut out your social media time to write // I spend hours upon hours on social media. Instead of staying on Instagram or Twitter for an hour, why not cut it in half to write for thirty minutes then reward yourself with social media? This is harder for people like me who like to have a consistent posting schedule for all sites.

What do you do to make time for writing?

Thanks for reading!

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