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When I first made a blog, I didn't really expect to keep it up for so long. Despite the erratic schedule I've had throughout my blogging career, I realize that I love blogging. Not because it's a way to get free products, but it's a great creative outlet for me. I tried to make YouTube videos, but I find that they're a little too hard to keep up for me when I'm a college student. I'm giving them another go this month, and I can't wait to create new content during winter break.

But enough about YouTube, and more about blogging. Blogging is a lot easier for me. I can type fast and generate content at a nice pace. Posting my content is another story. As I write this, I realize that more and more blogs are popping up left to right. Although I do encourage people to pursue their interests, the large variety of blogs that are coming out of the woodwork is staggering.

I notice that many of these blogs are focused on the same products, have similar looking websites, and have similar pictures. The content might be different on each blog, but it's almost like the same post over and over again. Although my blog may look very clean and minimalist like other blogs, but my content is almost always entirely different from other bloggers. I'm not trying to come off as a snob. If people like the same things, then that's okay.

It's when people start to blog for free products or fast fame that makes me scratch my head. Blogging isn't easy. You have to create content, write the post, and take complimentary pictures before hitting the publish button. Most people use free stock photos for their posts if they're not at that point where they can put more of themselves into a blog. That's fine too. Everyone is on a different stage of their blogging journey, but it's almost like people expect to post once and suddenly be bombarded by offers from companies.

I've seen a lot of abandoned and forgotten blogs lately. I read their posts and it's almost the same thing. They bought a trending item, wrote their thoughts on it, then waited for the comments and statistics to rise. It doesn't happen that way. There are people who have moved on from blogging and learned enough about themselves to leave the blogging world behind. They usually started a blog for themselves. Their journeys may be different, but the common factor is that they did it for their own enjoyment.

That's why I blog for myself. I started this blog as a way to document my journey through my interests. As the years pass, my interests have changed. I realize that although I love makeup and beauty, I also like to write about skincare and music. I don't want to treat my blog as a business because I'm not looking to make money out of it. It's good if it does make money for others, but if I start to blog to make money, then I'll get bored of what I write and stop blogging. I know myself well enough to admit that I can write quick posts and take quick pictures if I wanted to and be able to make money out of it. I can go with the trends and attempt to garner attention with click-bait titles.

But I don't want to because that kind of blog plan isn't for me. I want to keep blogging as a creative outlet and a way to document my journey through life. I have to remind myself that it's okay to blog for myself.

Thanks for reading! 

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