Hey everyone!

I saw this dress while browsing around for style inspiration. Immediately different styles were going through my mind as I envisioned what it would look like paired with different items. Since I like to mix up my style a lot, I thought I'd share with you guys how I'd style it.

Style It // One Dress - in Three Different Styles: Sporty Cliques

Style It // One Dress - in Three Different Styles: Flirty Vibes

Style It // One Dress - in Three Different Styles: Edgy Babe

Style It // One Dress - in Three Different Styles: Edgy Babe by laceituplove featuring flat boots

How would you style this dress? 

Thanks for reading! 

6 GOALS FOR 2017

Hey everyone!

I struggled with writing a list of goals for this year because I know that I haven't been feeling my best. I finally decided on a small list to ease myself into accomplishing them within a year. I have started on a few of them in December, but progress is slow. Some of my goals are long term ones, but most of them are short term goals.

GET INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM AT MY SCHOOL // This is a long term goal since I need to have about two to three years of classes to get into the program. It's definitely changed from my Chemistry major, but I feel like it's something that I might be really good at.

WRITE A BOOK // I'm halfway through the novel I started in November. I'm conflicted on certain events and how the ending goes, but I'm definitely going to finish writing it.

LEARN HOW TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT // I've set my sights on the ocarina and the guitar for this goal. I know a few notes for the ocarina, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the guitar. My fingers seem to be too short to reach some of the frets and strings.

PRACTICE CURSIVE/HANDLETTERING // I follow a lot of bookstagrams on Instagram, and I've been inspired by all the artwork they have in their photos. Cursive seems to be a lost art in this day and age, so I want to be able to keep my ability in how to read that style of handwriting.

GET FASTER AT TYPING // Although I spend a lot of time on the internet, my typing speed has gone down in recent years. Besides the fact that I run a blog and have multiple social media accounts my typing speed is not where I want it to be. It's definitely a skill that I want to nurture this year.

MAKE VIDEOS // I have a new channel over at Vid.Me because YouTube isn't as great as it use to be. I'm missing a fair bit of my notifications for some of my subscriptions. If YouTube doesn't get its act together anytime soon, I'm going to keep most of my video content over at Vid.Me. Don't forget to check out my account here.

What are your goals for 2017? 

Thanks for reading!