Hey everyone!

Since I started classes in January, I haven't really been focusing on blogging. I have been swamped with homework which is why I've been away for long lengths of time. I also have midterms coming up in a few weeks. However, I have been trying out new things and listening to new music which you'll see in my February favorites post going up next week.

I have been working on my photography skills while school is in session. I enjoy taking flatlays more than any other type of picture because they're fun to style and easy to do indoors. I want to create more fashion focused posts, however I'm still a little awkward in front of a camera. I currently have a lot of pictures for upcoming blog posts to edit so this month will have a bit more posts than the past two months.

I'm in the middle of the writing a scene in my novel where someone (or everyone) dies. There's a fair bit of research I have to do before I kill anyone though. I want it to be believable enough to happen in real life without going into too much details. I finally broke down and made an outline for it a few days ago to make sure I keep the world building consistence.

I got some new products from The Body Shop that I'll be posting about later this week after I test them out a bit more. Most of my skincare products from The Body Shop. I did a skincare consultation with them and it was a great time. I definitely recommend doing a skincare consultation with your local Body Shop store because their products work effectively and are good quality. I also write about The Body Shop here, here, and here. You can even see the evolution of my blog by just reading these posts!

That's all I've been up to these past few weeks. What have you been up to this week?

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