Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and write blog posts. I switched rooms with my brothers which took a few days to happen. I still don't have all my clothes inside my new room as we are still trying to figure out where to put people's things. Most of my personal belongings are in my new room. It's currently a mess, but it's progress.

Besides my messy new room, I've decided to become more spiritual. It's like the stars aligned, and now I'm going back to my roots as a witch. Yes. A witch. Although many witches do curse or hex people, I found out early on that I am not that type of witch. Could I bind someone? Maybe. Could I curse or hex someone? Nope. The three fold rule is definitely applied to my brand of witchcraft, and the harm none is also going to be a new motto. I'm currently focusing on learning how to read tarot cards this month as it's one of my favorite divination tools. Once I'm comfortable with it, I'm going to start on pendulums. From the moment I started my Craft, it's like a part of me is more peaceful. Not all of me, mind you. But a great deal of my soul feels free.

I only have about five weeks of school left. I'm eagerly counting the days until I can relax. I've already planned out most of my classes for my fall semester, although I still haven't officially changed my major. I'll hopefully be changing my major during the summer or fall. For now, I'm concentrating on finishing my classes with strong grades. Since this semester has been particularly rough on me, I know I didn't give it my all, but next semester I'll be focusing mostly on my studies. I might look for a job, however I do have lab times next fall. I'm not looking forward to writing lab reports.

This week has been a busy week with changing rooms and finding my spiritual side. I'm already planning out next week so that I can finish some more work than this week.

What have you been up to this week?

Thanks for reading!


Hey everyone!

This post is coming late because March was a stressful month filled with midterms and tests. I know I did well for most of my classes, but I won't rest until the semester is over. Even though this may be a little late compared to others, I'm always up to reading about people's favorites any time of the month.


that one song by gnash // The beat and lyrics make me happy.

the finale and shape of you by natewantstobattle // I love practically everything that NateWantsToBattle comes out with.

it ain't me (remix) - eppic, julia sheer, and landon austin // It's a quick cover, but I really enjoy the different elements from each artist.

artist: snowthaproduct // One of the few artists that I listen to that are classified as rap or hip-hop. I enjoy her mixture of politics and real life.


night in the woods - therpgminx and mrkravin // The game is really cute and has multiple endings. Minx goes with the Bea route while Kravin goes with Greg and his man.


amazon prime // I have the student discount which makes this perfect for those times where you have to get a new book in the middle of the semester.


bows - titashidingplace // I made a quick unboxing video about one of the bows I bought from this store. I definitely recommend getting your bows here.

poems - 99centbroadsides // I enjoy the simple poems that come from this shop. There's something about them that give me energy.


eco tools lip liner // This is the perfect lip liner for me. It was in the six piece makeup set. I use it to apply the blistex lip balm that I've obsessed with lately.

blistex lip medex balm // I got this because it was $1. It was the best decision for my chapped lips. It's really given them a new life.


beauty pop by Arai Kiyoko// I read this a long time ago, but rereading it again, brings back the giddiness and love I have for it. It's only ten volumes long with fifty chapters.

uzumaki by Junji Ito // I've been meaning to read this since the hype years ago. I definitely understand why people find it terrifying.

What have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading!