Hey everyone!

This post is coming late because March was a stressful month filled with midterms and tests. I know I did well for most of my classes, but I won't rest until the semester is over. Even though this may be a little late compared to others, I'm always up to reading about people's favorites any time of the month.


that one song by gnash // The beat and lyrics make me happy.

the finale and shape of you by natewantstobattle // I love practically everything that NateWantsToBattle comes out with.

it ain't me (remix) - eppic, julia sheer, and landon austin // It's a quick cover, but I really enjoy the different elements from each artist.

artist: snowthaproduct // One of the few artists that I listen to that are classified as rap or hip-hop. I enjoy her mixture of politics and real life.


night in the woods - therpgminx and mrkravin // The game is really cute and has multiple endings. Minx goes with the Bea route while Kravin goes with Greg and his man.


amazon prime // I have the student discount which makes this perfect for those times where you have to get a new book in the middle of the semester.


bows - titashidingplace // I made a quick unboxing video about one of the bows I bought from this store. I definitely recommend getting your bows here.

poems - 99centbroadsides // I enjoy the simple poems that come from this shop. There's something about them that give me energy.


eco tools lip liner // This is the perfect lip liner for me. It was in the six piece makeup set. I use it to apply the blistex lip balm that I've obsessed with lately.

blistex lip medex balm // I got this because it was $1. It was the best decision for my chapped lips. It's really given them a new life.


beauty pop by Arai Kiyoko// I read this a long time ago, but rereading it again, brings back the giddiness and love I have for it. It's only ten volumes long with fifty chapters.

uzumaki by Junji Ito // I've been meaning to read this since the hype years ago. I definitely understand why people find it terrifying.

What have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading!

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