Hey everyone!

The last month of any semester usually pulls me away. Now that I'm back, I have a few posts planned and new hobbies to share. I mentioned going back to witchcraft in an earlier LIFE HAPPENS post, and it's been surprisingly easy to slide back into the Craft. I'm not a Wiccan or a Pagan which makes it a tad harder for me to find information about the difference practices people do. However, I'm making the best of what I do have and following what's important to me.

I recently wrote about the first time I went cherry picking (read it here!), and it really was a great way to relax after my Finals were over. Since summer is here for me, I've decided to make a short goals list. I decided to have about five or so goals this summer so I can focus on what makes me happy.

I spent this week resting and figuring out how to structure my mornings since I want to try to wake up earlier. My mental illness isn't very helpful, and the summer is always a little harder for me. I might get a job since there isn't anything planned this year. Although one of my favorite cousins was suppose to fly over from Chicago, he's starting his summer job soon so he might come next year. I'm still indecisive about getting a job soon, but I will eventually.

What have you been up to this week? Thanks for reading! 


Hey everyone!
I unexpectedly took a long hiatus in the middle of April. Although this is my second year in college, I forgot how much work is piled onto college students' laps when Finals come around. I did well this semester, and it shows in my grade. I took the week to figure out what I wanted to do this summer. I also got invited to go cherry picking with one of my aunts and uncles, so here's a few pictures from the trip. I've only gone cherry picking when I was little, so it was a great experience for me!

Outfit Details:
Shorts: American Rag High Waisted Shorts
Shorts: Nike
Jacket: Gift

Have you ever gone cherry picking? Thanks for reading!