Hey everyone!

June was a slow, long month. I ended up reading a lot of comics and listening to new music.


acne fighting face wash in spearmint, orange and green tea from tara lee naturals // I wanted to find a more affordable face wash than the


webtoon // The site in general has a lot of comics and makes it easier for creators to get paid. The Webtoon app easier to navigate than the Tapastic app also. 

siren's lament - webtoon // I love the art and the storyline. The concept of the sirens in this comic is interesting and there's a lot of twists and turns. I'm not sure who to root for in this one.

lumine - webtoon // This comic is only in the early stages of setting up the plot, but I already love Lumine and Kory. I'm excited to see where this comic goes.

trump - webtoon // Contrary to the name, it is not about political policies or the like. There is a bit of politics, but it's mostly about keeping a certain group of people alive and the politics of school. I've finished season one, but I haven't gotten around to catching up with season two and three.


don't mess with me by temposhark // I was scrolling through the Reverse!Pines tag on Tumblr and saw a few lyrics from this song. It's amazing.

hopeless fountain kingdom by halsey // I love practically every song off this album. Each song is different, but together they create a story. My favorites are Lies ft Quavo and Bad At Love.

biggie smalls - cupcakke // I've seen a few posts about cupcakke, but I hadn't listened to any of her songs since I'm not into rap. However, I fell in love with this song for its beautiful message. It doesn't fat shame or skinny shame women, and it actually takes about loving one's self without bringing others down. I definitely recommend it.

That's it for what I've been in love with in June! Thanks for reading. What did you love in June? leave a comment down below!

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