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It's no secret that the blogging community is now over saturated. In recent years, many other bloggers have written about how the community has grown and the hardships of trying to get noticed. You can scour the Internet that's filled with articles like "How to Grow Your Blog," "What You Should Know Before You Start Blogging," and "There Are Too Many Blogs That Talk About The Same Shit." When I started blogging in high school, I had no illusions that I would end up as an "influencer." If you don't know what that means, then I'm not sure where you've been the last few years. It's exactly what the word implies: people influencing others (whether it's in a good way or not, remains to be seen).

YouTube is the place to know understand how influencers affect people. The beauty community on the Internet is where people can easily see the affect it has on others. Most beauty gurus have codes in their descriptions or videos that rave about one product or another. Of course, it's up to the viewer to decide what is genuine or not, but when almost everyone is pushing the same product or brand, it can get tiring to see who is real and who is not.

But I'm not going to be writing about my thoughts on the ever growing beauty community in terms of different niches and how it affects people today. Today I want to address the pressure of creating great content and whether or not blogging is worth it anymore.

It's rough. 

I'm not going to deny that sometimes I take an event that happens in my life and try to figure out if I can spin it into some grand adventure. You read or watch bloggers going on amazing adventures for free almost all the time. They get free PR packages and are cherry picked for events. It can be maddening to see especially if you're new to the blogging world.

There are days where I ask myself: Do I even want to have a blog anymore? 

The answer to that is yes. But it doesn't come easy. I created this blog as a hobby. I didn't expect to become an "influencer" overnight or even in five years. When I started this blog, there was a lot of people making blogs and trying to be the next Bethany Mota, Meredith Foster, or Michelle Phan. Most of them give up in a few months because they can't handle the work. Some find genuine love for blogging. 

Blogging is definitely worth it.

However, I'm not going to sugarcoat everything I write anymore. It's taken me years to get to this point. I'm finally starting to become comfortable with exposing myself more on my blog. I have created a persona over the years of being slightly cold and cynical when writing blog posts. I want to be more open with who I am and what I like. Sure, I may lose a few readers once I start writing more geeky posts. I may even have no readers by the end of it. 

It's okay. As long as I'm staying true to what I write, I'll always be happy with what I post. My interests will change as I grow older and learn more about the world. Some categories will leave and more will be added. I'm excited to see myself grow in my blog posts.

What do you think about blogging? 

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  1. As I've posted before, I'm not really made for blogging, but I can, and do, enjoy the efforts others choose to put into it. And, as you have noted, there are some people who, like some folks on YouTube, have actually gained some measure of fame (and fortune?) doing something that began as a hobby. Although I get the bulk of my entertainment news from YouTube, there are bloggers who also provide a wealth of well-written commentary.