Hey everyone!

It's a late night LIFE HAPPENS post because I am a mess. No, literally. I've been getting ready for my third year of college this past week by trying to sleep early. It's not really working out well. It's a good thing that my only class on Monday starts in the afternoon.

I saw the solar eclipse on Monday at one of my local parks. I'm currently editing my vlog to upload on Monday or Friday. I'm thinking of trying to be a week or two ahead with recording videos, but creating ideas that haven't already been done yet is difficult. A lot of what I want to record involves a lot of researching so long term projects will be mentioned on the blog before they get to see the light of day.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

I made another STYLE IT back to school fashion post last year. Click here to read it. Since most college students aren't focused on their fashion choices (except if they go to a fashion school of course!), it's always fascinating to see what people wear at different schools. My community college's fashion scene is a mix of laid back sweats and trendy clothing. In contrast, my style is all over the place. School starts on Monday for me, so here's what my outfit might look like on Monday!




What's your school style?


Hey everyone!

My morning skincare routine has changed throughout the years. It's even changed extensively by the time I've written this post and made the graphic for it! However, I thought it would be a good idea to still talk about products that work well for me since I'm still testing out my new skincare routine.

I used to use Acne Free which can be found in WalMart. It worked for a few months, but I noticed that my skin became dependent on the products. When I forget to go through my skincare routine, my acne would come back with a vengeance. I switched to the St. Ives Apricot Scrub after a year or two of using Acne Free. However, my skin got dependent on it too so I started experiment with different brands and products to find the right mix for me.

The most important lesson I learned while trying out new skincare products was to understand what caused my acne and to act accordingly. My acne is passed the preteen and teenager phase where they pop up because of practically anything I do. Now larger pimples only come when I'm about to have my periods and when I'm stressed. My skin is noticeably clearer than my younger years, but since my parents have skin problems, my acne isn't totally going to go away. I've learned to embrace my acne to a point where it doesn't bother unless I'm breaking out badly for no reason or when I know my period is coming.

From oily to combination and dry skin, my skincare routine reflects the needs of my skin. I found that The Body Shop's Vitamin E line works wonders in helping balance out my skin. My skin doesn't break out if I stop using the products for a few days which is amazing. Besides using the Vitamin E cream cleanser, I wash my face with a Black Bar Soap from Shea Moisture or another brand with similar ingredients. Sometimes I quickly use the Gairner Miceller water, but since I usually use that for taking off my makeup, I didn't include it into my morning skincare routine.

Next I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner then the Drops of Youth Concentrate serum. The toner helps add hydration and cleans up any makeup residue left over from cleansing. The serum is new to my routine as I used up most of my Valentia Hydrating Rose serum a while ago. There isn't a notable difference in my skin, so I'll update you guys about how it works for me.

The Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream is a primer that I use before I moisturize. It supposedly protects your face from dirt and grime, but I use it to make it easier to take off my makeup. For my daily moisturizer, I use the Vitamin E Moisture Lotion in SPF 15.

 Do you have a morning skincare routine?


Hey everyone!

Yesterday I posted a reaction video on my YouTube channel. Watch it here. I created a vague schedule for my YouTube channel, and I am excited to see where this new project goes. Although I'm going to be making a mix of content, I will still be posting on my blog. I feel like this will really help me with staying on task and writing blog posts in advance.

I'm currently not entirely on schedule with my blog posts, however I made my blogging schedule flexible enough for me to switch posts around. I feel a lot more at peace with creating content lately. I'll be trying to keep up with this streak of creativity as much as I can to create healthier habits.

I also found out this week that one of my favorite shows is currently out in comic book format. I can't wait until I can buy it as I'm behind on a lot of the comics I follow. Web comics seem to have taken my attention as it's easier to find comics online than going to a store. I love my local comic book store, but I find that I gain a lot of attention while I'm there. Whether it's because I'm a woman in a comic book store or because my bag makes a lot of noise, going to a physical store for comics books have taken a back seat for me.

There's only two weeks until I head back to school. I can't wait until I'm back into a routine since this summer has been particularly hard for me. I'm not sure why. Once school starts, the blog posts and YouTube videos might come out slower, but I'll always be haunting my social media.

What have you been up to?


Hey everyone!

I know I recently wrote a post about what you should have in your school bag (read it here!), and what I have in my bag is not too far off the mark in that post. However, I thought it would still be fun to take a peak at what's in my bag because I like to be look inside other people's what's in my bag posts and videos.

folders // I usually keep one for each class or a general folder if my classes don't have a lot of notes.

clipboard // For when I can't find an open table, I find a planter and lounge around the flowers.

bullet journal // I keep most of my life in this notebook. I find that it's a great way for me to be organized and artsy.

pencil pouch // Not all of my stationary materials are in here because I like to have a lot of pens. I keep the ones I use most in the pencil pouch for my backpack and the rest in a separate pencil case at my desk.

laptop // I bring my laptop with me almost everywhere. I usually work on personal projects or try to get ahead of my schoolwork.

usb mouse // Having one of these is so much easier with my smaller laptop.

emergency bag // It's filled with band aids, pads, and other bits in case of an emergency.

reusable water bottle // I need to stay hydrated especially when I'm out for a long time.

socks // In case I need to change shoes and forget socks.

altoids tin filled with crystals // A small protection and grounding spell.

poncho // When I forget to bring an umbrella or it rains unexpectedly.

disposable plastic bag // Just in case things get messy.

a set of juggling balls // I practice my juggling whenever I have the time.

tissues // I go through an alarming amount of tissues when I'm sick so having a small pack is good for on the go.

light with rape whistle // I've been followed by strange men before when I was alone, so this is a must have.

What's in your bag?


Hey everyone!

It's a late night LIFE HAPPENS post because this week was actually busy. My brothers helped put together my new desk for my room. Then we had to rearrange furniture so it had space to actually be in my room. I'm one step closer to being ready for school. Now I need to remember what classes I'm suppose to be in because my memory is not good.

In other news, I'm thinking of restarting my YouTube channel. Not only would it have beauty and fashion videos, but I want to talk about my geeky interests in a format that would be easily digestible. I'm recording a few ideas tomorrow or Monday to see how well the topics are presented through video.

I haven't seen any of the previews for SyFy's Channel Zero which means a reaction video is coming up soon for that. This season they're doing NoEnd House which is a creepypasta that I haven't read yet. I'm excited to see the previews since I haven't watched regular television in a while. Speaking of television shows, I haven't seen any previews for ZNation either. The new season is coming up soon so I'll be back to tweeting regularly on Fridays. I hope to see you guys there.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

If you've been a long time reader (or have read my Instagram bio!), I'm currently in school. It's my third year of college, but I'm nowhere near graduating yet. I think it's important for me to take my time since I know that if I try to speed up my schooling, I'll end up crashing from fatigue and stress. That's one reason why I organize my backpack in a way that I have everything I need while still having my bag feel light enough to carry.

pencil pouch // Unlike my youngest brother who tends to keep his writing utensils in his pockets, I like to have all my pencils in a place where I won't get poked. I recommend pens for college students since it's easier to cross things out than eraser them during a lecture.

laptop & charger // If you spend a large amount of time at your school campus, you're going to end a laptop and it's charger. You can get ahead and research topics during your free time while you're out so you can lessen the workload at home.

usb mouse & batteries // I don't like using the mouse pad sometimes, so I always keep my usb mouse hooked up with my laptop. I keep some batteries in my room and in my bag for my mouse.

loose leaf & graphing paper // Depending on your classes, either regular college ruled or graphing paper is the best for taking notes. For math classes, I tend to use graphing paper since it makes it easier to make graphs and pictures. Other classes I use college ruled paper that I can organize and either retype onto my laptop or into a notebook.

calculator // The type of calculator you might need for college depends on the classes you need to take for your major. I use a regular calculator instead of a graphing calculator since I don't need to take higher math classes.

emergency bag // I keep a small bag filled with band aids and other first aid supplies for those times I trip on the side walks. Having a bag for emergencies is always a good idea.

reusable water bottle // I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water. It's important to make sure you're hydrated especially if you're out for a long time. It'll also save you from having to buy water from the cafeteria.

snacks // I opt for fruits or nuts like bananas or walnuts, but snacks are especially important if you skip breakfast or don't have a lot of time to eat between classes.

extension cord // My school campus only has a few outlets and the best ones are almost always taken. Having an extension cord to have more outlets is important for charging your laptop and phone.

If you go to school, what do you keep in your school bag? If you don't go to school, what would you recommend people carrying?


Hey everyone!

We're now a week into August. I can already feel school looming over me. I don't even remember what classes I'm taking or when they are, so I should really get on that. This week was not very productive (as always).

I watched all seven seasons of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in the span of a week. If I had the energy I would've been finished within two or three days, but I didn't want to rush through the series. Re-watching the series has really opened my eyes to the different references and jokes that flew over my head when I was younger. Now I'm looking to binge watch Courage the Cowardly Dog. It was my favorite cartoon growing up, and I still remember the fear whenever I see one of the monsters on screen.

Besides letting my life fall into the vortex of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, my dad and brothers spent a day putting together my new cabinet for my room. It's a small cabinet with four small shelves. I thought most of my clothes would fit in it, and I was mostly right. The thicker sweaters refused to stay in a small space. My intimates need a little bit more space. I'm happy with my progress in cleaning up my room.

However, I find that I need to get rid of a few more items in my room. I wrote about how "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo opened my eyes to getting rid of what doesn't make me happy. (You can read it here.) I'm happy with what I currently have, but I do feel like I can still let go of a few more items in my life. Hopefully next week will be more productive for me.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

July was a slow month. As you guys may know from my latest LIFE HAPPENS post, I do not have the best time management skills in the summer. But I do like to note down practically everything I love in one of my apps.


bastard - webtoon // A psychological drama with the smallest dash of romance thrown in. I was not expecting any of the events in this comic. I'm still around episode 30 because I got so surprised at a plot twist. It's a completed comic at 94 episodes.

saphie the one eyed cat - webtoon // It's just like the title says: a comic about a one eyed cat (and her siblings). It's a cute and comedic take on what the artist's cats do. There's the occasional "What if the cats turned into humans?" alternate universe (aka AU) episodes that will hopefully cause a spin-off series. It's currently ongoing.

hooky - webtoon // A comic about fraternal twin witches who miss the bus to wizard school. The story lines has twists and turns with romance sprinkled in. The interaction between the different characters feels realistic, and I totally understand where Dani (one of the witch twins)  is coming from when certain events happen. She's twelve years old and going through a difficult time. She has to work with what she has and believes in. But I definitely didn't see episode 112 coming. Now, that was a surprise.  It's currently ongoing.

witch hunt - webtoon // Another comic about witches that may seem slightly confusing. I recommend reading it in one setting since it's completed at 88 chapters. There's a lot of different characters that are introduced and each have multiple names which does cause a lot of confusion. Although it's definitely worth the struggle to understand once everything comes full circle at the end.

a budgie's life - webtoon // A comic about birds - specifically budgies. It's very cute, and I love the different personalities of each bird. I learned a lot about budgies and their characteristics, but of course it's not a "How-To" type of comic. It's currently ongoing.

the tarot cafe - manga // I saw this manhwa (Korean for comics) series on sale at my local Half Priced Books. I currently have the first four volumes. It's about a tarot cafe where the tarot reader, Pamela, does card readings for supernatural beings (or people who need help with supernatural beings) in exchange for a piece of a jewel. I enjoy the style of drawing in this comic and how there's different types of stories in each volume. Each story doesn't have a happy ending which makes it a tad more realistic.


hamilton soundtrack // I blame my friend Adri for getting me hooked on Hamilton. I told myself that I wouldn't check out the play or the soundtrack no matter what happens when the play first came out. Now my favorites are The Schuyler SistersBurn, and Satisfied.

dreamcatcher // I love this K-Pop group. They just debuted around January after adding new members and a name change. Their style is vastly different from other K-Pop groups which is why they're on my radar. They're going for a more rock approach with a dark story line. I'm definitely going back to my stanning days for them. I recommend going in order to fully see their concept: Fly High, Chase Me, and Good Night.

What have you been loving in July?