Hey everyone!

July was a slow month. As you guys may know from my latest LIFE HAPPENS post, I do not have the best time management skills in the summer. But I do like to note down practically everything I love in one of my apps.


bastard - webtoon // A psychological drama with the smallest dash of romance thrown in. I was not expecting any of the events in this comic. I'm still around episode 30 because I got so surprised at a plot twist. It's a completed comic at 94 episodes.

saphie the one eyed cat - webtoon // It's just like the title says: a comic about a one eyed cat (and her siblings). It's a cute and comedic take on what the artist's cats do. There's the occasional "What if the cats turned into humans?" alternate universe (aka AU) episodes that will hopefully cause a spin-off series. It's currently ongoing.

hooky - webtoon // A comic about fraternal twin witches who miss the bus to wizard school. The story lines has twists and turns with romance sprinkled in. The interaction between the different characters feels realistic, and I totally understand where Dani (one of the witch twins)  is coming from when certain events happen. She's twelve years old and going through a difficult time. She has to work with what she has and believes in. But I definitely didn't see episode 112 coming. Now, that was a surprise.  It's currently ongoing.

witch hunt - webtoon // Another comic about witches that may seem slightly confusing. I recommend reading it in one setting since it's completed at 88 chapters. There's a lot of different characters that are introduced and each have multiple names which does cause a lot of confusion. Although it's definitely worth the struggle to understand once everything comes full circle at the end.

a budgie's life - webtoon // A comic about birds - specifically budgies. It's very cute, and I love the different personalities of each bird. I learned a lot about budgies and their characteristics, but of course it's not a "How-To" type of comic. It's currently ongoing.

the tarot cafe - manga // I saw this manhwa (Korean for comics) series on sale at my local Half Priced Books. I currently have the first four volumes. It's about a tarot cafe where the tarot reader, Pamela, does card readings for supernatural beings (or people who need help with supernatural beings) in exchange for a piece of a jewel. I enjoy the style of drawing in this comic and how there's different types of stories in each volume. Each story doesn't have a happy ending which makes it a tad more realistic.


hamilton soundtrack // I blame my friend Adri for getting me hooked on Hamilton. I told myself that I wouldn't check out the play or the soundtrack no matter what happens when the play first came out. Now my favorites are The Schuyler SistersBurn, and Satisfied.

dreamcatcher // I love this K-Pop group. They just debuted around January after adding new members and a name change. Their style is vastly different from other K-Pop groups which is why they're on my radar. They're going for a more rock approach with a dark story line. I'm definitely going back to my stanning days for them. I recommend going in order to fully see their concept: Fly High, Chase Me, and Good Night.

What have you been loving in July? 

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  1. Despite its popularity, I have largely managed to avoid significant exposure to Hamilton. In the coming days I'll be using the ever-reliable resource of YouTube to sample the three Hamilton tracks you cited. Unless would-be uploaders have run afoul of some copyright infringement statute, one would suspect the tracks would be available.