Hey everyone!

It's a late night LIFE HAPPENS post because this week was actually busy. My brothers helped put together my new desk for my room. Then we had to rearrange furniture so it had space to actually be in my room. I'm one step closer to being ready for school. Now I need to remember what classes I'm suppose to be in because my memory is not good.

In other news, I'm thinking of restarting my YouTube channel. Not only would it have beauty and fashion videos, but I want to talk about my geeky interests in a format that would be easily digestible. I'm recording a few ideas tomorrow or Monday to see how well the topics are presented through video.

I haven't seen any of the previews for SyFy's Channel Zero which means a reaction video is coming up soon for that. This season they're doing NoEnd House which is a creepypasta that I haven't read yet. I'm excited to see the previews since I haven't watched regular television in a while. Speaking of television shows, I haven't seen any previews for ZNation either. The new season is coming up soon so I'll be back to tweeting regularly on Fridays. I hope to see you guys there.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Sometimes good things happen inadvertently. I was trying to sign in to a downloader service I use to see my account info, but failed miserably despite repeated attempts. In these efforts I performed a number of computer functions that had the net effect of removing a lot of toolbar items & other things that were cluttering my computer. As a result, my computer functions far more efficiently than it did just a couple of days ago.
    I've caught glimpses of Channel Zero previews over the last couple of Fridays, but I didn't watch closely as I was too busy live-tweeting Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp.
    There was a very brief preview of ZNation this past Friday, featuring an astonished Murphy, flat on his back. No specific return date was shown, only that the program would return in the fall.