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If you've been a long time reader (or have read my Instagram bio!), I'm currently in school. It's my third year of college, but I'm nowhere near graduating yet. I think it's important for me to take my time since I know that if I try to speed up my schooling, I'll end up crashing from fatigue and stress. That's one reason why I organize my backpack in a way that I have everything I need while still having my bag feel light enough to carry.

pencil pouch // Unlike my youngest brother who tends to keep his writing utensils in his pockets, I like to have all my pencils in a place where I won't get poked. I recommend pens for college students since it's easier to cross things out than eraser them during a lecture.

laptop & charger // If you spend a large amount of time at your school campus, you're going to end a laptop and it's charger. You can get ahead and research topics during your free time while you're out so you can lessen the workload at home.

usb mouse & batteries // I don't like using the mouse pad sometimes, so I always keep my usb mouse hooked up with my laptop. I keep some batteries in my room and in my bag for my mouse.

loose leaf & graphing paper // Depending on your classes, either regular college ruled or graphing paper is the best for taking notes. For math classes, I tend to use graphing paper since it makes it easier to make graphs and pictures. Other classes I use college ruled paper that I can organize and either retype onto my laptop or into a notebook.

calculator // The type of calculator you might need for college depends on the classes you need to take for your major. I use a regular calculator instead of a graphing calculator since I don't need to take higher math classes.

emergency bag // I keep a small bag filled with band aids and other first aid supplies for those times I trip on the side walks. Having a bag for emergencies is always a good idea.

reusable water bottle // I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water. It's important to make sure you're hydrated especially if you're out for a long time. It'll also save you from having to buy water from the cafeteria.

snacks // I opt for fruits or nuts like bananas or walnuts, but snacks are especially important if you skip breakfast or don't have a lot of time to eat between classes.

extension cord // My school campus only has a few outlets and the best ones are almost always taken. Having an extension cord to have more outlets is important for charging your laptop and phone.

If you go to school, what do you keep in your school bag? If you don't go to school, what would you recommend people carrying?

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