Hey everyone!

It's the last day of September, and I am ready for October and all that goodness. I have a ton of homework to turn in tomorrow and an exam on Tuesday, so I'll keep this life update short with what I did today. Because the rest of the week was full of school and stress. Except for the start of ZNation. That episode was shocking and you should definitely watch it.

Today I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with my dad, uncle, and one of my three brothers. My brother and I didn't feel like going on any of the rides, so we went to the animal attractions. We went to Six Flags because it was my dad's company picnic. They usually have the picnics in the same areas so we went to the sting ray area to find our lunch. I wanted to touch the sting rays as I always love being close to animals. I felt blessed as one sting ray stayed near me and my family as I tried to touch them.

After lunch, my brother and I started out on our animal journey. Along the way he bought some souvenirs for his teachers. I didn't plan to buy anything, but I'm always breaking that silent promise. I fell in love with the butterfly garden when we finally found it. The butterflies were gorgeous. I loved them, despite the fact the room got humid very fast. I ended up getting a chunky rose quartz and pyrite crystal from the butterfly souvenir store. I couldn't help myself, but the crystals were calling me.

Another "purchase" was actually a prize from a claw machine! It may have taken me four tries, but I did get an Eevee backpack. I wanted to try for the Squirtle, however my brother had to urge me away from spending all my money. We left the amusement park soon after that as my father and uncle didn't want to stay for the start of Halloween Haunt, and I was getting thirsty. I wasn't going to spend $4.50 for a soda.

The rest of the day, I relaxed by finishing some of my photography homework. And now I need to finish the rest of my work. There's no rest for the wicked.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

This post wasn't on the editorial calendar because I didn't think I'd be going to my college's career fair. I had class during the beginning of the fair, and it wasn't going to end until it was about halfway done. In a twist of events, the lab ended early. I found myself in the middle of a bustling event looking for one of my friends to walk around with and take a few free items.

I got a reusable bag with a water bottle just for signing up and getting a name tag. While my friend snagged me a stress ball from a booth with construction and similar jobs because I didn't want to get into a conversation with the people at the booth. They were already eyeing me weirdly whenever I walked by. I wasn't about to get into a conversation with them.

I ended up at the Amazon booth because my friend was trying to find booths who had easy to reach items on their tables. She's really smooth at taking items off the tables that I didn't want to question her on where she sharpened her skills. I got lured into talking with the two guys at the booth by their perky personalities and the words "no resume needed." I applied for a part time job a few minutes after I was done speaking with them.

I'll be going today to the next stage of the hiring process which is where I'll most likely be taking a medical test of some sort. I honestly didn't see this sequence of events happening this morning. If you don't know, I am a witch. Yes, an honest to goodness witch. I have always been interested in Witchcraft when I was younger, but it never felt like the right time. I was suddenly pulled into the Craft a few months ago, however that's another story.

I started doing daily tarot readings to see how my day would go and to compare the guess and the reality. Today's two card pull was the 8 of Wands and the inverse of 2 of Wands from the Manga tarot card deck from Lo Scarabeo S.r.l. 8 of Wands is the advice I was given while the inverse of 2 of Wands is the why. I did a one card summary where I ended up with the inverse of Queen of Chalices.

The 8 of Wands was right in that I went with the flow and adapted to the situation. I wasn't really curious in the beginning as the inverse of 2 of Wands implied. It may be the reason why the inverse of Queen of Chalices showed up in the one card summary. My mind was telling me to go out there and find a job, but everything else was telling me no.

As a result, I unconsciously followed the 8 of Wands' advice and somehow ended up applying for a job before my next class. Now I'm going to the next part of the hiring process where I will hopefully have a part time job in a week or so! Not only am I excited for that, ZNation is back tonight with season four! I'll be tweeting as always so don't forget to join in on the fun at 9/8c on the SyFy channel!

Will you be watching the newest season of ZNation tonight?


Hey everyone!

It's another week of going off my editorial calendar. It's slightly annoying, but I'm still adjusting to the new school semester. I have a tendency to work all at once which a bad habit that I'm trying to break. While typing this post, I actually have several assignments due tomorrow. What a procrastinator, right?

Besides agonizing over my productivity skills, I've listening to more TED Talks and podcasts. I enjoy learning new concepts, but some TED Talks are contradictory or have no clear point. I listen to them while doing something productive as a way to make sure I'm using my time wisely. Or as wisely as a procrastinator can.

Once this week's homework is over, I vowed that I'd start next week's homework immediately. Let's see if I can keep that promise.

What have you been up to this week? 


Hey everyone!

August is over, but I'm still excited to share my favorites of that month.


things to scream at the sun // I enjoyed the retro vibes in this short film. One of my favorite YouTubers Mei Yan (princessmei on youtube) is one of the main roles. It's a very interesting movie.


congratulations - hamilton // I know I mentioned Hamilton in my JULY FAVORITES post, but this song really spoke to me. Although Angelica is definitely not an angel like many people think she is (she had feelings for both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson while she was married), I definitely understand her protectiveness over Eliza.

woman - kesha // Kesha coming back from being hurt and being better than ever will never stop being amazing. I definitely support her on her journey.

look what you made me do - taylor swift // I know, this song is definitely different from her other music and might not be the best off her new album, but it gives retro emo vibes. I know. I don't know what comes out of my mouth sometimes.

savage - lights // lights was one of my favorite bands growing up. I didn't think she was making music again after she became pregnant, but I'm glad she is.


peter monn // He's technically a drama channel, but the type to have constructive criticism instead of just bashing someone. It's ironic that I have a YouTube channel on my favorites post when I talked about unsubscribing to people in an earlier post, but I love Peter's personality and honesty.

basic hair care video // I'm trying to take better care of my hair. It's been dyed a few times which has definitely changed a lot of the texture. This is a very informative video about the science behind hair care with added citations.


post it notes // I had forgotten how useful these were until I had to take notes again at the end of August for both my bullet journal and my school notes.


solar eclipse // I mentioned seeing the solar eclipse on one of my LIFE HAPPENS posts. I took a few photos with my phone and camera, but I definitely just tried to soak in the atmosphere.

What were your favorites in August?


Hey everyone!

This week was a lot better than last week in terms of productivity. I was able to finish most of my work by the end of yesterday. I still have a few more items to finish, but I'm not too worried about them.

However, I seem to be a bit behind on my blog posts, but that's what editorial calendars are for. I know how important they are to magazines, blogs, and other media that runs on a schedule, but I always resisted the urge to make one. Now I regret never implementing them in the first place despite the fact that I made this blog for fun. An editorial calendar is definitely a blogging staple I can get behind.

In other news, my photography skills are slowly developing. I took a few photos yesterday in preparation for an upcoming blog post, and they are looking a lot better than what I took a few years ago. I might start using my blog Instagram account again with how much I want to show off how my skills are doing. If you haven't followed me yet, I'm @laceituplove and @laceituploveblog on Instagram! I have a tendency to lurk instead of post, but I'm thinking of creating an editorial calendar for both of my Instagrams to see if that'll help me post more consistently.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

YouTube has always been one of my favorite social media platforms. However, it's become overly saturated with similar channels. There's only so much that I can take. Not only that, I've outgrown some channels that I was interested in months ago. So it's time for a YouTube cleanse. Here's a list of people I'm unsubscribing from YouTube and why I'm not interested in them anymore.

Good Mythical Morning // The channel is amazing, don't get me wrong. I'm just not watching their videos. If I want to, a quick search will get me to watch at least one video before going to a different channel.

IISuperwomanII // I love Lily, but I'm just not clicking on her videos anymore. I'm more into her vlogs, despite the fact that I'm so behind. As in, I'm only on vlog number ten. Yeah.

Alexa Ilacad // She's a Filipina actress who makes YouTube videos on her spare time. Although I like her, I'm not that interested in her.

ardenBcho // I subscribed to her because of RyanHiga. My crush I've had on him since 2009 has been crushed by their confirmed relationship. Although her singing voice is amazing, I'm not a fan or interested in knowing more about her.

RRcherrypie // I loved watching this channel open collectibles and other boxes, but I don't really watch it anymore. I do hate that their videos are being reuploaded by other channels and YouTube lets anyone put in a counter-claim so that their claims to copyright are being questioned. Just another reason to start looking for another video uploading site.

Alexa Poletti // I used to love her bright and cute videos where she showcased a lot of her fandom items and her how to take care of wigs series. However, I'm (currently) not interested in wearing wigs and her adventure into the NYX Face Awards.

AndyBlackVEVO // I love Andy and Black Veil Brides, but his Vevo channel only uploads his music videos, and I can search them up at a later date. There's no reason to have it in my subscription box when he's not coming out with a new album anytime soon.

Anne Curtis // She's a well known Filipino actress who doesn't really make videos. They're more like added TV segments, but either way, I'm not that into her.

I know that I'm going to get a lot of flack for some of these. I can already hear my cousin's voice in my head: You unsubscribed to Lily?! Yes, yes I did. I have over 500 subscriptions, and my feed is too overloaded with the same content. I'll be going through my subscriptions in the upcoming weeks to get it down to who I watch the most. It's only natural for interests to change.

Who have you unsubscribed to lately?


Hey everyone!

This week I started my third year of college. It was exhausting. My legs are still sore from my athletic classes. I didn't expect to start off fast in my kickboxing class, but here I am with jelly legs after two days of rest. My form was not very good, so I asked one of my friends who knows karate to help me out. She's almost done with her first term of classes which I didn't expect at all. I feel slightly behind, but I have to remind myself to go my own pace so I don't burn out.

If you live in California, then you've been hit with the heatwave that has me scrambling to do anything. Whenever it gets too hot, I become more lethargic. It's only the first week of classes, and I'm slightly behind on one of my classes. There is just so much work to do for this one specific class that I'm not surprised that people were already dropping in the first day. And speaking of work, I think that's my cue to go finish it up.

What have you been up to this week?