Hey everyone!

NaNoWriMo Day 2 is almost over, and I still haven't reached my personal word count. Today has been a busy day with most of my physical classes going on Tuesday and Thursdays. I'm most likely going to keep writing passed midnight despite the fact that I have a job orientation tomorrow. I like to live on the wild side, isn't it obvious?

In other news, I have figured out the names of my characters. Yes, I didn't think of them before hand. When I write new characters, I almost always write about what they do and their personality before their name ever shows up. I like my characters to "choose" their own name by having them try out a few different ones as I write. It helps me keep them from being too restricted by a name that has too many meanings or doesn't have any at all.

Do you write? If so, how do you name your characters? If not, what do you think makes a good name for a character?

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