Hey everyone!

Today I had my job orientation. We watched a lot of videos about safety and other similar topics for about three hours. It was very tedious. At the end, we got our shifts, and I had to change my days because I somehow got assigned a day that I didn't want. Thankfully I was able to switch the date so I don't miss class.

I'm currently attempting to get to 2,000 words as I type this blog post. I just finished watching an emotional ZNation episode. It was intense. I need to write to escape my feelings.

Have you been writing lately?

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  1. Most of my writing is confined to jotting down particularly interesting comments from Twitter, or making notes during my live tweets. With all of your activities: work, school, writing, witchcraft, martial arts, and the occasional television show, there's little in the way of slack time. Which is the way you probably like it.