Hey everyone!

It's officially the Christmas season for everyone in the United States! I try to be festive in small ways since I don't celebrate Christmas as much as other people. My Christmas "decor" is minimalistic and based on how easy it is to take off or transition into a different season.

Fairy lights // Practically everyone has these somewhere. Drape them on the window, the wall, the bed frame, whatever you want, and it'll be festive. They come in different styles and colors which means that you can definitely use purple fairy lights to go from Halloween to Christmas.

Paper snowflakes // Throw it back to grade school by making multicolored paper snowflakes and taping them onto walls, windows, and whatever else your minds comes up with. It looks whimsical and adorable. You can even use fancy papers to make them more adult-ish.

DIY snowglobes // There are various ways to make your own snow globe. I tried the Martha Stewart version because it was the first DIY that popped up. I made it a general snow globe since I wanted to display it on my desk.

Art decor // You can make your own Christmas art to frame on the wall or on a desk using any art material. A crayon drawn picture of a snowman? Tape it to a wall. A color pencil rendition of reindeer? Hang it on the tree. A squiggly marker drawing of Santa Claws that looks more like a misshapen person? Frame it and put it on your desk.

How do you decorate for Christmas?

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