Hey everyone!

I just got back from work, and I realize that I should really stop writing blog posts late at night. However, I'm not an early bird and I work better at night than in the morning. I tend to find myself concentrating better when it's around 10 am. When I do get up early, I like to do get a few of the easy habits or to-dos. From my daily tarot reading to catching up on my emails (and then forgetting them soon after! Need to change that habit in 2018), my mornings are mostly spent lazying about.

This is what this week has essentially felt like. A week filled up with work and family time. I spent the last two weeks figuring out my life and what I want to do next year. I found that I want to be able to learn more. I've already started learning Tagalog (the Filipino language) within the last two days to get a head start. There are various reasons why I'm not fluent in Tagalog that I might address in a future blog post, but it's fun to learn more about my culture through learning more about the language. I want to organize my thoughts more about what I want to learn in 2018, so I hope you guys hold tight while I get that under control.

I've also found out about Buzzfeed Unsolved. Here's an episode where they cover three different hauntings to see what it's all about. It's a series of paranormal investigations and true crime theories made by Buzzfeed. Although I don't like Buzzfeed, there are only about two or three series that I think are worth it. The Try Guys and Buzzfeed Unsolved may be the only reasons why people would regularly watch that channel. There's something soulless about Buzzfeed that makes me wary, but those two series always pull me in. At least I can get my paranormal fixings online now instead of missing my favorite shows on TV.

What have you been up to in the last week of 2017?

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  1. Last night I finally got around to watching Blade Runner 2049. Like its predecessor (Blade Runner) it was not a box office success. Despite its length (2 hours, 44 minutes) it is a cinematic journey worth taking. Watch it on the largest screen you have at home, to get the full visual impact.